Ticketor - How to: Find / Buy Box-Office and Scanning Equipment

Find / Buy Box-Office and Scanning Equipment

Full video and article on setting up box-office can be found here

Ticketor is made to match the needs of all type of event organizers. From one-time small event planners to big concert or festival planners to all size of venues, we have the solution.

As a result Ticketor is compatible with a wide range of equipment and a wide price range.

You can use Ticketor with absolutely no specific equipment or buy professional equipment that match your specific needs.

If you need help finding the right equipment, you can contact us.

Barcode scanning

This section discusses purchasing the right scanning equipment. To learn about scanning, check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Gate Control & E-Ticket Validation

For small events you can use your personal smartphone and use the camera for scanning.

For larger events, you want to purchase some dedicated smartphones (devices) and use the camera for scanning. For this purpose, you can purchase lower-end Android or IOS devices but make sure they have good cameras with auto-focus capability.

You may want to print some tickets and test it with the phone you have in mind to check how well and fast the camera can read the QR-code / barcode.

For larger events, the solution would be to use a phone paired with a Bluetooth barcode scanner. For this purpose, the phone doesn't have to have a good camera. Any low-end phone can serve the purpose.

Considerations in choosing a phone:

  1. Connectivity: Are you going to use network data or Wi-Fi? If network data is being used make sure the phone is compatible with the data provider you have in mind and the data provider has proper reception in your area. If Wi-Fi is not available in the gate area, you may consider getting a hotspot. A hotspot uses mobile data from a network provider and creates a Wi-Fi in the area and several devices can connect to a single hotspot
  2. Display size
  3. Battery life
  4. If you are planning to use camera instead of a Bluetooth barcode scanner, you need a high quality camera with auto-focus.
  5. In general, we recommend Android devices over IOS as the Android operating system is more open and flexible.

Compatible Barcode Scanners:

Any Barcode scanner that can connect to your device (through USB or Bluetooth) and can work in HID mode and can scan CODE-128 barcodes and optionally QR codes can be used with Ticketor.

HID (human input device) mode, means that the Barcode scanner can work as a keyboard and enter the barcode in any text field.

The best practice is to use a Smartphone as the device. In that case, make sure the Bluetooth barcode scanner is compatible with your device. They should specifically mention that they are compatible with IOS or Android.

2D (2 dimensional) scanners that are capable of scanning QR codes, give you the flexibility to scan either the Barcode or the QR code and may scan faster.

Some barcode scanners can scan from a phone display. Getting a barcode scanner that can read from the phone screen will give you the flexibility to scan tickets from the attendees phone and not require them to print.

You can buy a compatible Bluetooth barcode & QR-code scanner, that works with Android / IOS / Windows and can read from paper and phone display, and is suitable for one-handed scanning, check out Ticketor's Store.

For more professional use cases, you may want to consider SocketMobile Attachable Barcode Scanners (S840) that comes with variety of accessories including Klip cases, Dura Cases, chargers, etc.

Point of Sale device

Point of sale device can be any computer / laptop or tablet, preferably touch-screen and big enough to easily fit the POS page and your seating chart.

Point of sale device should get connected to the internet (wired or wireless) and should also connect to other POS equipment such as the ticket printer and the credit card reader.

Some devices may only work with Windows devices while some other may only work with Android / IOS. If you choose network ticket printers and credit card readers, you can use them with any operating system as the devices communicate over the network and there is no need for special ports / drivers or applications to be installed on the device.

Ticket Printing

Depending on your size, budget and use-case, you may get away with no printer at all, a regular inkjet or laser printer, a professional thermal ticket printer or depending on the user-case, portable or wearable receipt or label printers.

For small events, you may get away with no ticket printing. When you sell tickets, you can choose the tickets to get emailed to the buyer and the buyer can either show them on their phone or print them at home.

You can also use a home / office regular printer and print tickets on regular paper and hand them out.

For professional use-cases, you want to use a thermal ticket printer. These printers can print tickets quickly, on thermal stock ticket papers. Besides barcode and QR code, the stock papers may also be secured by other security features like black-light holograms.

You can use wide range of thermal printers and papers with Ticketor.

We natively support Boca printers (or other printers compatible with FGL) and printers supporting ZPL language, including Citizen, Zebra, and many other brands.

Other thermal printers are supported through the printer driver.

Check out Ticketor Store for compatible Boca and Citizen ticket printers and secure stock thermal papers in beautiful design and 6 colors.

Both printers are good for POS and transactional ticket printing. However, the Boca printer comes with a hopper that can hold about 150 printed tickets which makes it more suitable for printing tickets in bulk.

We recommend purchasing a printer with Ethernet network connection so it will get connected to your router and can be shared by multiple POS devices regardless of their operating system.

For bulk ticket printing, or if you want to purchase a printer without network connection, you need a Windows-based computer.

Besides the above recommended printers, you can use any thermal printer with thermal role (receipt or label) continuous paper.

Credit Card Readers

When you are ready to check out, you will be asked to enter the payment method.

You can select cash / check and receive the money.

Or you can fill out, or ask the buyer to fill out the credit card information in the proper fields and the payment will get processed using your payment processor.

Or you can use the credit card reader at Ticketor Store. This credit card reader will read the data on the magnetic strip of the credit card and enter it in the proper fields, as if they were entered through keyboard. To use this credit card reader, you need a Windows or Mac computer with a USB port. It does not work with Android or IOS.

Or if you are using a Stripe payment processor, you can use the Stripe Verifone or BBPOS WisePOS E credit card reader that processes the transaction as card-present and qualifies you for lower payment processing fee.  Purchase the card reader here

We will soon add more credit card readers that can process cards as 'card present' transaction.

To use any other non-compatible credit card readers, like the ones you may already own for in-person transactions or Square card readers, you can charge the buyer using the external terminal and mark the transaction in Ticketor as cash. Ticketor issues the tickets and you will receive the money using your external card reader / terminal.