Ticketor - How to: Printing physical (hard) tickets

Printing physical (hard) tickets

Since you are selling tickets online, you probably don't need traditional physical printed tickets. Most people will buy online and either print their tickets at home or just show them on their phone. You can even use the same approach for your retail locations and over-the-phone sales. Check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Sell tickets over the phone or face-to-face at a retail location or the box-office for more information.

However, if you need physical tickets, using Ticketor, you can print physical (hard) tickets with barcodes that are compatible with the e-tickets and can be scanned using the same scanning process.

  • You can either purchase a thermal ticket printer and ticket stocks from Ticketor's store and print hard tickets by yourself or order tickets so we print and ship to you..
  • Printed tickets will look like:

    Printed thermal tickets

    You can print in up to 6 colors.


    To order tickets:

    1. For general admission events:

      • Go to the Add/Update Tickets page
      • Create 1 or more price levels, specifically for print. For each price level, set the "End sale" date to the past so that those tickets do not sell online.
      • Add as many tickets you need to be printed to each price level. The tickets should show as expired since you have set the sales end date to the past and so they will not show up on your ticket sales page.
      • Send us an email from "Control Panel > Help & Support > Contact Ticketor" page and mention the event name, the price levels that you want to print and the color for each price level as well as your shipping address.
    2. For assigned-seat events:

      • You can either order all tickets to be printed or only seats that you have blocked. If you order all tickets, you should be extremely careful to not double-sell the seats as each seat is available both online and through the hard tickets.
      • To only print the blocked seats go to Add/Update tickets page and block all seats that needs to be printed. You can block seat-by-seat or several rows at a time or a whole section at a time.
      • Send us an email from "Control Panel > Help & Support > Contact Ticketor" page and mention the event name, whether you want to print all tickets or just the blocked seats, whether you want to print all tickets in one color (specify the color) or you want each ticket to be printed with the same color specified in the price level. Also we need your shipping address.

    When we receive your request, we send you an invoice that you can pay online.

    When the invoice is paid, we print one ticket and email you for approval. Upon your approval, the tickets will be printed and ship to your shipping address.

    We usually print tickets in 2 to 3 business days but you can confirm with us for accurate delivery time.


    The cost of ticket printing is as follows:

    • $20.00 setup fee per order per event
    • $0.10 per ticket
    • $10.00 per color (You can print in 1 to 6 colors)
    • $9.00 shipping. 2 to 3 business days shipping in US.
    • $25.00 (optional) expedite print and ship. Next day shipping. Confirm for availability.