Ticketor - How to: Returning or Exchanging Tickets / Voiding Invoices

Returning or Exchanging Tickets / Voiding Invoices

You can set the return and exchange policy on your site, so the buyer can manage their own tickets and return, exchange or upgrade their tickets in accordance to the policy that you determine and paying the potential fee that you set.

You as the administrator can return tickets and refund money anytime regardless of your returns policy. Returning tickets will void the issued tickets, make them available for sell again, refunds customers money and send them a "Return confirmation" email.

The money can either be refunded to buyer's credit card or credited to their account as "Store credit". If "Store Credit" is chosen, the specified amount will be credited to the user account and they can use this credit to make purchases on your site. It is a good option when the buyer wants to exchange their tickets.

Note: If the tickets were originally purchased through a "Sales Agent" and the tickets are refunded for "Store Credit", the same sales agent (and not the buyer) will receive the store credit.

  • To do so, login to your website as admin or a sales agent with "Return Permission" and go to Control Panel -> Events & Venues -> Sales & Invoices
  • Find the "Invoice" you are looking for by using the filters. You may need to change the from/to date range and hit the Refresh button to see the invoice. Select the proper Invoice by clicking on the icon to see the invoice details.
  • To make full refund and return all the tickets in an invoice, from the "Invoice Actions" menu, select "Void Invoice"
  • To return some tickets or make partial refund, check the checkbox in the "Return" column for all the tickets that you want to return.
  • Then click on the 'Return selected items' below the table.
  • A pop up shows up with the return information. You can move the pop up around by dragging the header section of the pop up and check the return checkbox for more tickets to add them to the return list.
  • Select the refund method. You can choose either "Store credit", or "Return to their credit card".
  • The pop up will indicate the return amount.
  • If you are granted the permission to "Give Discount", you will be able to modify the return amount at this point. You can make a "Full Refund" which will refund the ticket face price + the service charge, or you can just return the face price by selecting "Ticket price (not including service charge) " or "Ticket price minus return service charge" which will consider the non-refundable fees and return fees as you specified in the event return policy settings, or you can refund a custom amount just by editing the "Return Price" box.
  • Click on the "Return" button
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the customer confirming the return of tickets.

Exchanging tickets, switching seats, upgrading, changing to a different date

The easiest method to offer exchanges, is to set the proper exchange policy for your events and so the buyer can login to their account and exchange / upgrade the tickets from the "User menu > Tickets > Exchange Tickets". This method does not offer any refund or money-back and is fully self-service.

However you as the administrator, can also help buyers with exchanges and potentially make exceptions to your exchange policy.

To exchange tickets for a buyer, you have 3 options.

Option 1 is to return the tickets for full refund (make sure to include the service charges) to the buyers store credit account and ask the buyer to purchase the tickets using the store credit. They will receive the store credit on the checkout page.

Option 2 (shortcut) is to return the original tickets for $0 and purchase the new tickets for them at 100% at $0.

Option 3 Edit the invoice from the Sales & Invoices page, the same way that you do for refunds. Tick the box for the tickets you want to exchange and click on the 'Exchange selected items' at the bottom of the table. The tickets get added to the exchange list. Go to the purchase tickets page and add the replacement tickets to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. When you checkout, the old tickets will get refunded and replaced with new tickets. In this method, no refund is issued and if you downgrade the tickets, the buyer will not receive any refunds for downgrade.


Ticketor refunds your fee when you refund the tickets back to buyers credit card, however most payment processor do not refund your fee. Some may even charge for the refund transactions.

You can also consider refunding the tickets for Store Credit so the buyer can use the credit to purchase tickets to your other events so you avoid all payment processor fees.

If you refund a ticket, the Ticketor fee will only get refunded as credit to your account which can be used toward your furthur bills. Ticketor does not refund the fees back to your credit card or PayPal and does not issue refund checks.