Ticketor - How to: Social Media and Facebook Integration

Social Media and Facebook Integration

What is Social Media and Facebook Integration and how does it help my business

Integrating your website with social media and Facebook allows you to leverage the power of them to reach to more customers for free.

By adding social media and Facebook to your site:

  • You can add a "Tickets" tab to your Facebook page where your fans can get information and start purchasing directly from your Facebook page
  • Users can login with their Facebook account for easier access to the site
  • Buyers will be encouraged to Share your events on their Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, ...
  • Facebook ADs pixel will be added for analytics purpose and to enhance your Facebook ADs performance.

How to Integrate with Your Site

You need to create a "Facebook Fan Page" for your business (if you don't already have one)

Associate your Facebook page to your site
  1. If it is not open, open your site in a new window, login as admin and use the Control Panel -> Account & Settings -> Site Settings and click on Social Media and Facebook
  2. Click on "Import Facebook Pages". It will open a Facebook dialog and you should confirm the requested permissions.
  3. Go back to the Control Panel -> Account & Settings -> Site Settings -> Facebook page and select your page in the "Facebook Page" box and hit Save.
  4. To add a ticketing tab to your Facebook page, similar to the one on Ticketor's Facebook page, click on "Add ticketing to your Facebook page" button. Facebook requires that the page must have at least 2000 likes to be qualified to add a tab.

Your Facebook integration is now complete and your account is connected to Facebook.

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