Ticketor - How to: Ticket Refund Protection

Ticket Refund Protection

Refund protection or refund guarantee is being offered to the buyer on the checkout page for a fee, which enables the customer to get a full refund of the purchase price, from the covering company, XCover (not you), should they or anyone in their party be unable to attend due to:

  • An injury, or an illness affecting you or a member of your immediate family.
  • Public authorities issue a travel warning for the day of the event, or the day prior. These warnings include but are not limited to adverse weather and terrorism.
  • The emergency services require your presence at home within 48 hours before the booked event.

Read the full terms and conditions here: https://www.xcover.com/en/pds/TermsandConditionsv4

Refund protection is offered through "XCover.com" (formerly Booking Protect), an independent, 3rd party company. All claims and refunds should be processed directly and solely through XCover. Ticketor or your company are not involved and shall not be hold responsible in the refund protection process.

What does XCover refunds?

XCover refunds the total price of purchased tickets, including all service fees and charges, if the buyer cannot attend the event due to certain unforeseen situations when the tickets are non-refundable and not qualified for refund from you.

XCover only covers tickets; and the refund protection fees are calculated based on tickets only. "Merchandise" or other stuff purchased from your online store (if any) are not covered.

Shall I Offer Refund Protection?

Refund protection is included for free for eligible Ticketor clients.

It is highly recommended to offer Refund Protect to buyers, especially if your tickets are non-refundable or your return policy is limited. Refund protect can increase your sales as it gives the buyer the peace of mind to go ahead and actually purchase the tickets even-though they may not be certain about being able to attend. Some buyers like the peace of mind that comes with buying protection for their tickets. Moreover, it is paid by the buyer and handled by a 3rd party so you don't lose anything.

Unexpected circumstances happen and buyers miss events. Regardless of what your return policy specifies, some buyers will call and ask for a refund. Offering refund protection reduces the chance of such situations and unhappy customers.

However, you can optionally disable this feature. If you want to disable the feature, you can simply disable it from "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings > Options".

How does it work?

On the checkout page, the buyer receives the option and information to purchase refund protection for certain fee. If the buyer chooses that option, the fee gets added to their total invoice amount.

The total amount including the refund protection fee, gets collected through your payment processor, by you.

The buyer receives a confirmation for the purchase of the refund protection.

You are responsible to pay the full collected refund protection fee to Ticketor, which in turn, will pay the refund protection provider.

The refund protection fee, will be billed to you by Ticketor and paid to the service provider. If you are using a payment processor that deducts the fees from each transaction, refund protection fees will also get deducted from each transaction, otherwise you will see a new row on your bills for the refund protection fee, which is already collected by you.

How do the buyers file a claim?

In case the buyer needs to get a refund, they should directly file a claim on the "XCover" website and provide the required documents. XCover is solely responsible and in charge of refunds and claims. Ticketor or your company are not involved in the process and shall not be held responsible.

All the information that the buyer needs to file a claim with XCover are included in their sales confirmation email and you and the buyer can access them again from their invoice. You can access the invoice from the sales report and the buyers can access it from their order history page. The buyer needs to create an account with the same email address they used to make their purchase on: https://www.xcover.com/en/login

Important notes:

The purchase protection fees are non-refundable. Keep that in mind when you are making a refund. Never refund the purchase protection fee.


You should activate refund protection for your buyers from Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings > Options and you can change your preference at any time.

If you cannot see the option to enable refund protection on Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings > Options, it means that your website is not eligible for refund protection. To request the feature, please contact us.