Ticketor - How to: Users with special permission: Administrators, Reporter Generators, Event Organizers, Sales Agents & Gate Controllers

Users with special permission: Administrators, Reporter Generators, Event Organizers / Departments, Sales Agents & Gate Controllers

Besides regular users who sign up on your site to purchase tickets, there are different user types with special roles and permissions:

  • Administrator: Administrator is usually the owner of the site and has the highest level of access. The person who creates the website initially is granted the Administrator role but he can add other people as administrators.
  • Reporter: Has access to all reports without being able to make any changes.
  • Organizer (Departments):

    An event organizer is the owner of one or multiple events or merchandises. They will have access to all reports for their own events or merchandises and will receive an email anytime a sale occurs for their items.

    Organizers may have read-only access to their items and reports or they may be granted the extra permission so that they can create and manage their events and items.

    Organizers by default use the site's payment processor which means that the sales money gets collected through your payment processor or PayPal to your bank account and later you can distribute the money to the organizer. However, organizers can be set to have their own payment processor. If this option is selected, the organizer needs to log in to their account and add their own payment processor or PayPal. All the sales money for the event organizer's events and items will be collected through that payment processor and is collected in the event organizer's bank account.

    Use cases

    Event organizer role has a lot of use-cases. Here are some examples:

    • External event organizers: You own a venue and rent it out to event organizers. Each event organizer can be granted the event organizer role so they can have access to their reports and sales. Optionally they can be granted access to create and manage their own events. And optionally, they can be granted the permission to use their own payment processor to receive the sales money directly and so you don't have to deal with accounting, payments, charge-backs, ...
    • External event organizers: Another example is that you are a ticketing platform and allow event organizers to sell their tickets through your platform.
    • Departments: You are an organization with multiple departments and need each department to have access to their own events, create or manage them and optionally collect the money in different bank accounts. For example, a school may have different departments such as Sports, Performing Arts, PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and the head of each department can be set as an event organizer. Another example is a School District with multiple schools and each school can be an event organizer.


    • There are 2 methods to create event organizers. One is manually by the administrator from the User Manager page as explained below. The other is in a self-service manner by the event organizer. To enable the self-service signup for event organizers, go to Control Panel > Account & Settings > Pages & navigation and add a page of type 'Event Organizer Signup'. Then go to the page and from the page settings, select an existing event organizer as 'Template Event Organizer'. When the users sign up on the event organizers page, they get the same roles and permissions as the selected event organizer.
    • If you offer ticketing service to external event organizers, it is highly recommended to check out Ticketor White-Label Platform / Reseller plan. It gives you and your clients much more flexibility compared to the Event Organizer role. In-short, you can become your own Ticketor and offer all the Ticketor's features, under your name, brand and pricing to your event organizer at minimum to no effort. Your event organizers will enjoy the full administrative access, a branded website with their own name and logo, a full website, dedicated pages where only their own events and merchandises are listed and you will enjoy automated billing and you will receive a portion of each sale they make automatically in your account.
    • Note: Normally a user may purchase tickets to multiple events, by multiple event organizers, in one invoice. If your organization is servicing 3rd party event organizers, it may cause an issue with accounting and may cause security issues with one organizer having access to invoice that also has another organizer's tickets. To avoid this issue, you can change the configuration at 'Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings > Details > Can the buyer purchase tickets to multiple events in one invoice?'
    • Hint: You can create event pages that only list events for a certain event organizer. To do so add &org=[Numeric id of the event organizer] to the end of your Tickets page url. This URL can be shared in email or social media or the event organizer site, or can be embedded to a site or can be added as a page to your site pages.
    • Example: https://www.ticketor.com/events?pageid=143955&org=123
  • Sales Agents: Is a user who can sell tickets to other people. They are usually your staff, who sell tickets over the phone or at the box-office. Sales agents may also be external agents or external retail stores who will sell your tickets. Sales Agents can have extra permissions such as ability to "Give Discount", "Issue Refunds" or "Sell in Cash". Sales agents normally only have access to manage the invoices issued by them, which is good for external sales agents. However, for internal sales agents, you can grant them permission to access and manage all invoices.
  • Gate Controller: Is a user who can login and operate the gate control application. Each ticket checker with a barcode scanner, needs to be a "Gate Controller".

Sales Agents and Gate Controllers may be associated with the whole site or certain event organizer. In other terms, event organizers can have their own sales agents and gate controllers who only have access to their own events.

To create users with special roles and permissions:

  1. To add a new user you can either add the user from 'Control Panel > Account & Settings > User manager' or you can ask the user to sign up on your site at: https://www.ticketor.com
  2. Go to Control Panel > Account & Settings > User manager
  3. Search the user by name or email and hit the search button.
  4. Click on the link to edit the user.
  5. From the "Roles & Permissions" tab, check the proper checkboxes. To make a user an administrator, click on the "Invite user to become an administrator" link.
  6. If the sales agent user is a "Retail Store" with a physical address, then fill out the business name, website and address fields so that it shows up on the "Store Locator" page.
  7. Save.