What is new in Ticketor?
What is new?

We constantly update Ticketor with new features and enhancements. Contact us with your needs and feedback.

  • Self-service ticket exchange and upgrade (seat change)

    When creating or editing an event, you can now specify your "Exchange / Upgrade policy". You can select "No exchange", "Exchange with the same event", or other available options. Based on the settings, the user can login and from the "Users menu > Tickets > Exchange Tickets", exchange or upgrade their tickets or change their seats. Please note that exchange does not give refunds and even if the buyer downgrades their tickets, no money or credit is given for that.

  • Ability to set the start and end time and time-zone on coupons

    The coupons used to have only start and end dates. Now you can also add time and the timezone.

  • Set if the buyer can purchase multiple events in one invoice

    By default, the buyer can purchase tickets to as many events, as long as they all use the same currency and same payment processor, and check them out together. Now you can change that option to limit it to one event per invoice, or events from the same event organizer per invoice. This specially helps accounting for the sites that use different organizers. You can change the setting from Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings > Options

  • Filter sales report by event organizer

    Event organizer is added to the filters in Control Panel > Events & Venues > Sales & Invoices so you can filter sales by all the events from a specific organizer. This specially helps accounting for the sites that use different organizers.

  • Easier navigation between events and their reports

    An "Actions" menu is added to the event pages including the edit event and find tickets page that can take you directly to reports, gate control and other functionality related to the event.

  • Multi-lingual: Spanish support

    You can now add Spanish to your site languages or make it the site's default language. The user can choose between supported languages (currently English or Spanish). To add the Spanish language or to choose the default language, go to "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings > Languages".

  • Report of question answers (one column per question)

    "Admission List" report is now enhanced to show one column per question. This report generates one row per invoice. Also answer to questions is added to "Detailed admission list" that shows one row per ticket.

  • Custom term for "Accessible (Wheelchair or companion)" seats

    You can now customize the term used for "Accessible (Wheelchair or companion)" on the seating chart. Some customers may want to use the term "Wheelchair" if there is no actual seat in that location. You can set the term from Control Panel > Account and Settings > Site Settings > Languages

  • Search and categorization in the "Help & Instructions" page

    To make it easier to use the help page and find your topic of interest, search page is now organized by category and is searchable. Try it out from "Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions".

  • SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) for European clients

    Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), a new rule coming into effect on September 14, 2019, as part of PSD2 regulation in Europe, will require changes to how your European customers authenticate online payments. Card payments will require a different user experience, namely 3D Secure, in order to meet SCA requirements. Transactions that don’t follow the new authentication guidelines may be declined by your customers’ banks.

    Ticketor is now SCA-ready if you use Stripe and/or PayPal as the payment processor. European clients, who use other payment processors, are advised to switch to Stripe.

  • Promote your events at no risk and gauranteed return on investment (ROI)

    You can now promote your events on Ticketor, Ticketor's network and partners at no risk. You only pay when you actually make a sale through the promotion. You won't pay per click or per view. Monthly and setup fees are permanently waived for early adopters. Make sure to select your promotion plan while the deal lasts. Go to "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings > Ads & Promotions" to select your plan today.

  • Show Ads / Earn money

    You can now join the Ticketor's ad network and show ads to earn money. Choose where you want to show ads. Monthly and setup fees are permanently waived for early adopters. Make sure to select your promotion plan while the deal lasts. Go to "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings > Ads & Promotions" to select your plan today.

  • Event sorting

    The buyer can now sort the events by date, distance, name or the venue name. It helps buyers easily find the events in their area.

  • Seating chart designer enhancements (Undo/redo, keyboard shortcuts, perfect alignment, ...)

    With the enhanced seating chart designer, you can use keyboard shortcut keys to move sections around, rotate, resize or align them, perform undo / redo functionalities and more. It will help you create perfectly aligned seating charts. Go to the "Seating chart designer" page for a venue and click on the "Keyboard Shortcut" link or press 'H' to check this out

  • Edit emails' content (welcome email, sales confirmation, ...)

    Now you can edit the content of the automatically sent emails like the 'Welcome Email', 'Sales Confirmation' and 'Return Confirmation' and optionally add content to them. Use "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Edit Emails"

  • Image selector

    When selecting an image or flyer for an event or venue, you can now select from your previously uploaded images.

  • Add "Reviews & Ratings" to your site for free

    Now you can have your buyers write reviews and ratings for your business and events and improve your ratings while avoiding bad reviews. Learn more and activate from "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings > Reviews"

  • Seat selection on the seating chart options (Exact vs Limited)

    We support 2 methods of seat selection.

    1- Exact: Buyer clicks on a certain seat and gets that exact seat. If the buyer clicks on the row (instead of a seat in the row) it will work similar to limited mode and the buyer can select multiple seats in one click.

    2- Limited: We do not allow user to exactly select their seat on the seating chart. Instead they can pick their row and preference in the row (left, center or right of the row). In this method, the buyer can buy as many seats in one click instead of clicking on each individual seat. This limitation does not apply to administrators and sales agents.

    Why limited? There are several reasons for that. The most important is to protect you (the event organizer) from many single, fragmented unsold seats that would cause loss of profit to you. Buyers tend to leave a seat next to them vacant so they can sit more comfortably. This will result in single unsold seats throughout the venue and as a result, money loss for the event planner. Ticketor's limited method of picking seats, ensures that the buyer can get the seat they want while preventing abuse.

    Another reason is that since we have not reserved the exact seats for the buyer, we don't have to rush them through the purchase by showing timers and we don't need to ask them to fill out a CAPTCH (hard to read words). This will result in easier purchase for your customers and more sales for you.

    You can select the method that best works for you from "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings > Options"

    Warning: "Limited" option is highly recommended for big events and events that are expected to have high sales volume in a short amount of time.

  • Website design and seating chart design services

    If you are not happy with the design of your website, or seating chart or need to change the design or create a new seating chart, you can now ask us to do the design for you for a fee. Obviously, you can continue designing them for free. To order website design, go to "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Design" and from the "Help" tab, order your design. To order a seating chart design, you do that from the seating chart designer tool.

  • Password protected price levels and price variations

    Price levels and price variations can now be protected by password. So you can have special areas in an assigned seat event or special prices for members, staff, ... that will only be available to them if they know the password (special code).

  • New modern design themes / Modern Google fonts and more features in designer tool

    Two new modern themes (one dark and one light) are added to the designer tool. Also now you can select the font (including Google fonts) and font styles for different section of the site. Text logos are also supported now. Use "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Design" to try them out.

  • "After purchase notes" for events

    A new field is added to the events named "After purchase notes" which is NOT visible to the buyers before the purchase but will appear on the sales confirmation page and email. You can add after-purchase instructions or information that you only want to reveal to buyers in this field.

  • Cookie manager

    Cookie manager is added to the top menu so the user can consent on different types of cookies or remove their consent as required by some local law.

  • White-label gate control app and QR-code/Bar-code scanning using the camera in the in-browser version of the gate app

    Besides the Android and IOS apps, the in-browser version of the gate control app, located at Control Panel > Event & Venues > Gate Control, is now equipped with QR-Code and Barcode scanning using the camera. It can also be installed as a stand-alone app with your name (white-label). Please review Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Gate Control & E-Ticket Validation for more information.

  • Compliance with Local Laws / Privacy Laws / GDPR

    Ticketor has added tools and settings that can help you comply with your local laws. Please review Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Compliance with Local Laws / Privacy Laws / GDPR to learn about those tools and settings and configure your site properly.

  • Refund Protection - Activation is required

    Ticketor has partnered with BookingProtect.com to offer refund protection or refund guarantee to buyers. Refund protection is being offered to the buyer on the checkout page for a fee, which enables the customer to get a full refund of the purchase price should they or anyone in their party be unable to attend due to certain unpredictable situations.

    Please check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Ticket Refund Protection for more information and to activate the feature.

  • Add Banner or Slideshow to your pages

    Add beautiful banners or slideshows to the top of your pages with nice transitions. Click on the icon at the top of most pages, upload your images, set the link URL and transition settings and a beautiful banner shows up on the top of the page.
  • Social Media Links

    Add links to your social media pages at the footer of your site or the contact page. Go to "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings > Social Media and Facebook" to add links to your social media pages.
  • Share to Facebook, Tweeter, Google Plus, LinkedIn

    If you have the Social Media and Facebook Integration package, your buyers will now see and will be encourage to share your event not only on Facebook but also other social media such as Tweeter, Google Plus, LinkedIn. To check if you have the feature or to add it, use "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Plan & features"
  • New options in design

    Now you can choose the site's font in the designer tool. Also new option (Full-width, Content in the center) is added to the layout options in the designer tool. Check them out in "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Design"
  • Payment processor for Bahamas & Caribbean

    Ticketor is now compatible with CenPos, the payment processor that services Bahamas & Caribbean. Businesses in those countries can now use this local payment processor to accept all major credit cards from all around the world.
  • Settings to hide the event date, time or the buyer name

    New settings are added to the event creation/edit page to:
    1- Hide the event date: Use this option if the ticket is not for a certain date (for example admission ticket to an amusement park or museum) or it is for a multi-day event
    2- Hide the event time: Use this option if the event is not for a certain time
    3- Do not show the buyer name on the ticket
  • Time zone selection for reports

    You can now set the time zone for your reports. All the date/times in the reports, respect the time zone specifies in your Site Settings. Go to "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings" and make sure your time zone is set correctly.
  • Tables with seat numbers or individual seats in the seating chart designer

    Now you can add tables with seat numbers or individual seats to your seating chart.
    Tables with seat numbers or individual seats is a group of individual seats with an optional shape object (table). Each seat and the optional shape can be moved individually.
    It can be used to add scattered seats to your seating chart or to create tables with selectable seats. Check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Designing the Seating chart for more information.
  • Season tickets and packages

    Now you can bundle 2 or more events to create season tickets or packages.
    A season or package is usually a bundle of 2 or more events that is sometimes sold at a discounted price.
    To create a package use Control Panel > Events & Venues > Seasons & Packages. To learn more about packages and coupons that apply to packages read Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Season Tickets and Packages.
  • More options in creating coupons

    Now you can create coupons that are eligible only if the buyer purchases tickets to at least certain number of different events. You can use this feature to motivate buyers to buy to more events or a whole season. Check out "Control Panel > Events & Venues > Coupons" to see new fields.
  • Moving to https

    All your pages are now migrated to https for better security.
  • Recurring Events

    You can now create events that recur on a daily, weekly, monthly or custom basis. Just create an event and set the date to recurring and use the scheduler to schedule your event. To learn more about packages and coupons that apply to packages read Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Recurring Events and Event Replication.
  • New features in seating chart designer

    When creating sections in seating chart designer, you can now click on individual seats and hide the seat, if the seat is not available. Also you can specify extra space to the left or right of a seat to create gaps between seats or align them differently.
  • Mobile e-tickets delivery method

    The pre-defined e-ticket delivery method is updated to indicate that the user can show the e-tickets on their phone or print them. You can use the default delivery method or create your own with your own name and description.
  • Enhancement to general admission ticket purchase

    Now the buyer can select how many of each price level or price variations they need, and add them all to the cart in 1 click.
  • Map View for Events

    If you have many events in different venues, or you plan national or international tours, buyers can now see all the events on a map and simply find the events close to them. The user can now switch between 'gallery view', 'calendar view' and 'map view' on your events page. Just go to your home page, where all your events are listed and make sure they are showing up as Gallery. To do so, click on the gear icon at the top-right and tick the "Display as Gallery".
    Map View
  • Enhancement to mailing list

    Mailing list feature is enhanced and we added some sample email templates that you can modify and use. Check out "Control Panel > Events & Venues > Mailing List".
  • Facebook ADs Pixel

    If you are running Ads with Facebook, you can now add Facebook ADs pixel to your site for analytics purpose and to enhance your Facebook AD performance. To use this feature go to "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings > Facebook"
  • More control in creating coupons

    Now you can create coupons that are eligible for tickets in certain price range. You can also specify the maximum number of tickets and maximum amount eligible for discount. Check out "Control Panel > Events & Venues > Coupons" to see new fields.
  • Reset scanned tickets

    Now you can edit the event and from the options tab, reset all the scanned tickets. It can be useful if you have a multi-day event and people are going to use the same ticket each day or if you have scanned some tickets for testing and now you want to reset them.
  • New app and options for gate control and e-ticket validation

    New app and new methods for gate control and e-ticket validation are now available. Check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Gate Control & E-Ticket Validation for latest updates.
    Google PlayApp Store
  • Enhancement to the box-office sales page

    Box-office sales page was originally intended for face-to-face sales when the sales agent prints out the tickets (thermal or paper) and hands them in right after purchase. That is why this page did not ask buyer's name or email address. We added optional buyer's name and email fields to this page, so now you can use the same page for over-the-phone sales and the tickets will be emailed to the buyer. Also by optionally collecting email addresses at the box-office, you can improve your mailing list.
  • Longer shopping cart expiration for admins and sales agents

    Normally when a user adds tickets to their shopping cart, they get expired after 20 minutes of inactivity and the tickets become available to others. The expiration time is extended for admins and sales agents to 4 hours so your shopping cart will not expire while you are taking an order. The downside is that if you add tickets to your cart, they may stay there for 4 hours and not become available to public for a long time. So, make sure to remove the tickets from your cart if you don't need them anymore.
  • "Share on Facebook" button on checkout page and confirmation email

    "Share on Facebook" button, as well as print e-tickets button, contact us and events button, is added to the sales confirmation page as well as the email confirmation. For Facebook button to appear, Facebook integration must be set up from Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings .
  • QR code on Tickets

    QR codes are added on all e-tickets. Going forward you can either scan the barcode or the QR code.
  • Guest Checkout

    Now new customers can buy tickets without actually signing up for an account. Returning customers, can also purchase tickets without entering their password. Note that guest checkout, only applies to regular users. Administrators, sales agents and users with special permission will need to sign in with their password.
  • Enhancement to Creating and Managing Price Levels and Variations

    Creating and managing price levels and variations is now easier than ever and you can see all of them in one view.
  • Calendar View for Events

    If you have many events, you can now show them on a calendar as well as the gallery view. Just go to your home page, where all your events are listed and make sure they are showing up as Gallery. To do so, click on the gear icon at the top-right and tick the "Display as Gallery".
  • Event Audit Report

    A new report is added to display the financial and sales information for a specific event.
  • Add to Calendar

    Add to Calendar link is added to event pages so users can simply add the events to their Google, Yahoo, Apple or Outlook calendars and add reminders.
  • Sort Order of the Price Levels and Price Variation

    Now you can specify the order in which price levels or price variations are displayed on the purchase page. Go to Add/Update Tickets page, edit the Price Level or Price Variation and set the "Sort Order" field.
  • Easier Refunds

    When the admin makes a refund, they could always adjust the refund amount. Now you can pick the refund amount from a list of options or manually enter an any amount. Refund amount options are "Full refund (including service charge)", "Ticket price (not including service charge)", "Ticket price minus return service charge".
  • Enhancements in Sales Reports and Invoices

    Sales & Invoices report, now shows if the invoice is returned or voided and for return invoices, it shows a link to the original sales invoice. Sold Tickets report now has the Invoice Number column and shows if the ticket was later returned.
  • Tours & Walk-throughs

    We have added some tours and walk-throughs for different features on the site to quickly walk you through the important features and highlights of each feature. We have a tour for the site in general, designing the site, creating an event, creating seating charts and adding or updating tickets.
  • Tax on Tickets

    Now you can add tax percentage for the event. The tax amount will get added to the ticket price and show in the invoice as a separate row. All you need to do is to edit the event and set the tax field. If you use other terminology for tax in your country or state, you can change the terminology from Control Panel > Account and Settings > Site Settings
  • WordPress Plugin

    If you have a WordPress site and want to embed ticketing in that site, it is much easier now using the Ticketor's WordPress plugin. It can be downloaded from Ticketor.com/WordPress and you can get the shortcode from Control Panel -> Account & Settings > Embed this page
  • Banner on event thumbnails

    You can now show a red ribbon on event thumbnail with your text such as SOLD OUT, On SALE, SELLING FAST, COMING SOON. Just edit the event and from the options tab, put your text in "Mark Event As" box.
  • Admin control panel

    A new control panel is added for administrators to easily navigate and control the site.
  • Event organizers can use their own payment processor

    A new permission is added to Event Organizer permissions. It is called "Organizer should use their own payment processor". If this permission is granted to the event organizer, they must use their own payment processor and/or PayPal and they will collect the sales money directly.
  • Rate & review Ticketor & your dedicated support engineer

    Leave use your feedback, suggestions and testimonials. We really appreciate your review and feedback. Go to Control Panel > Help & Support > Review Ticketor
  • New topics in help

    Check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions for new topics on creating coupons (promo codes), creating and asking questions from the buyer, sub-promoters and referrals and more
  • Easier and faster ticket selection

    The find ticket page and the shopping cart functionality is enhanced to make the purchase process even easier both for assigned seat and general admission events.
  • Buyer motivation messages

    For general admission events, the system will show messages when the event or a price level is selling out or the sale is ending to motivate the potential buyers.
  • Question Engine

    Do you need to ask questions from the buyer? Choice of dinner? Size of t-shirt? How did they here about you? Who referred them?
    You can now create your questions in Control Panel -> Account & Settings > Question manager.
    Questions can be general and will be asked from all buyers or can be specific to an event. Event questions can be either asked per invoice or per ticket.
    You will see the answer of the questions in the invoice, confirmation email and admission list in the delivery reports.
  • F.A.Q on the Contact US page

    User FAQ that was available from User Menu > Help > FAQ, is now also available on the Contact Us page to respond to buyers' common questions and reduce the amount of unnecessary emails that you receive.
  • Buyer address in the Admission List report

    You can now see the buyer address in the Admission List delivery report.
  • Who bought this table?

    "Who bought this seat" feature is now available for tables. For any assigned-seat event, go to the Add/Update Tickets page and move your mouse over any table. You will see the buyer name and invoice number for each seat.
  • Collect users phone numbers

    Now you can set if you want to collect users phone numbers and cellphone (mobile) number. By default, the system collects one phone number but you can change it to collect cellphone (mobile) as well or not to collect phone numbers at all. Use the Control Panel -> Account & Settings > Site Settings > Options tab to change that setting.
  • Date and time formatting

    Date and time formatting has improved to match the user culture and regional settings
  • Adding and updating tickets for as assigned seat event

    Adding and updating tickets for as assigned seat event is now faster and easier. Now you can also click on a section / row / seat or table to add or update tickets. Also, blocking and marking a seat as accessible is now much easier.
  • Change a user email address

    If a user has signed up with a wrong email address or their email address has changed, the admin can now edit the address from Control Panel -> Account & Settings > User Manager. Find the user and edit them.
  • User Balances

    User balances are mainly result of returning for store credit. Now you can change a user's balance by making or receiving payments. You can use this feature if a payment is made or received to the user outside of the system or if the buyers check is rejected unpaid. To issue a payment, use the Control Panel -> Account & Settings > User Manager > Find the user > Click on the payment icon. Also, if a user's balance is not zero, it will be shown to the sales agent during the check out.
  • Private (hidden) events

    A new checkbox is added to the event edit page that allows you to mark an event as "Private". Private events are only visible to administrators and sales agents. Regular user can access the private event only if they have the direct link. You can use private event, to hide an event from the public and only invite certain people by providing them the direct link, or you can just use it to hide an event from public while you are still working on it.
  • Who bought this seat?

    For any assigned-seat event, go to the Add/Update Tickets page and move your mouse over any sold seat. You will see the buyer name and invoice number.
  • Even faster checkout for sales agents?

    Whether you are using the Box Office > Sales Page or the normal pages to sell tickets to your face-to-face or over-the-phone patron, the checkout process is now much faster and optimized.
  • Redesigned checkout page

    The checkout page is re-designed for better look and ease of use.
  • "Notes" field on the checkout page for sales agents

    Now you can add notes for invoices.
  • Replicating Events

    Now you can replicate an event and all the tickets in a click of button even after the source event is already sold out or expired. Simply edit the event and from the "Options" tab, duplicate the event.
  • Cash discount

    Do you sell tickets in cash? Or do you have sales agents, retail locations or ticket booths to sell tickets directly and possibly accept cash? Now you can optionally set some discount for cash customers. Use the Control Panel -> Account & Settings > Site Settings > Options to set the cash discount percentage.
  • More options for event organizers

    As you may already know, you can have "Event organizer" user and you can give them permission to create their own events. Now the administrator can set the "Buy price" and optionally can set the "Service charge" so that the event organizer cannot change those values.
  • Ability to upload images on content pages and descriptions

    Now you can upload images on content pages and descriptions and anywhere you see the rich text editor. You can also easily embed YouTube videos.
  • Ticket limitation and bundling

    New fields are now added to the price level and price variation pop ups. Using those fields, you can now set the minimum and maximum number of tickets that can be purchased per transaction. Also, you can make the tickets to be sold in groups. For example, sell tickets in pair or sell a table in whole while issuing individual tickets per seat.
  • Facebook Ticketing

    You can now add a tab to your Facebook fan page that lists all your upcoming events. Fans can get information about each event or start purchasing directly from your Facebook page. Here is how it looks on Ticketor's Facebook page. To add the tab to your own page with your own events, use the Control Panel -> Account & Settings > Site Settings > Facebook tab.
  • Delivery Description in the Confirmation Page and Email

    Delivery type descriptions now get added to the confirmation page and email. If you need to have specific delivery notes such as when and where they can pick up their tickets, simply create a Delivery Method with proper description. To create and edit delivery methods, use Control Panel -> Events & Venues > Delivery Methods. To specify what delivery methods are available for an event, edit the Event and use the Delivery tab.
  • Assigned seat ticketing enhancements

    2 new options are added to the "Event Edit" page for assigned seat events:

    1- Now you can sell tickets to assigned seat events and either hide or inactivate the interactive seating chart. This is useful for clients who do NOT want to allow users to pick their seats.

    2- You can ask the system to auto-hide some percentage of the available seats to create the impression that the event is selling out.

  • Stripe.com integration

    Ticketor can now be integrated with Stripe.com account for payment processing. Stripe is an easy to get payment processor that allows you to accept all major credit/debit cards directly on your website. Stripe is available in many countries around the world (including US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, ...) and in different currencies. They offer fast approval at no monthly and setup fee. Using Stripe, you can sell tickets internationally in over 130 currencies. Check for supported currencies here
  • Official support for India - PayU.in partnership & integration

    Ticketor has now extended its service to Indian market. Users in India can now user PayU.in as their payment processor.
  • Donation page

    Are you a non-profit organization that needs to collect donations? Now you can add a donation page from Control Panel -> Account & Settings > Pages & Navigation and collect donations in the same way that you sell tickets or products.
  • Optional cell phone number

    Per some clients' request, the cellphone number is now optional for the buyers.
  • Box-office sales page

    For sales agents and box-office staff, speed is very important. They should be able to issue and print tickets as fast as possible. The new Sales page is designed to fulfill this requirement. Use this page for selling tickets in your box-office or over the phone. It is compatible with both regular and thermal printers. The page is designed so that it can be used with touch screen displays for faster results. Check it out at the Box Office Menu > Sales Page
  • Search invoice enhancements

    Now you can search invoices in Sales Report and Ticket Pickup either by the last 4 digits of the credit card number or the barcode on the ticket
  • Exact seat selection for administrators and sales agents

    Sometimes you may need to exactly select the seat on the seating chart. This is now available for admins and sales agents. To use this feature, make sure that you are signed in as an admin or sales agent. Go to your event seating chart, make sure to click on a seat (not the row) and you will find 2 additional options in the "Seat Preference" drop down: "Left of the selected seat" and "Right of the selected seat". Regular users can still choose their row and seat preference in the row. To learn why we do not allow exact seat selection for regular users, check out Control Panel > Help & Support > FAQ > Customer Questions
  • Returning customers, forgot password problem!

    Sometimes returning customers forget their old password and have to reset the password to make a new purchase, a process that may take a few minutes and result in abandoned buyers. Now returning customers can simply complete their purchase by entering their phone number instead of the password. For security purpose, signing in by phone number only works for regular users and only to complete a purchase. Administrators, Sales agents, Event organizers and other special users still need to enter they password. Also, regular users who need to accomplish anything besides making a new purchase (such as printing tickets, returning tickets, changing password, etc.) will also need to enter their password.
  • New Coupon Types

    So far you could have coupons that could apply to a single event or all events. Now you can have coupons that can apply to all events in a certain category. If the category option is chosen, you can also limit the coupon to people who buy tickets to all the events in the category. It makes it possible to have multi-event passes and to encourage people to purchase tickets to more than one event.
  • Buy compatible equipment and supplies including barcode scanners, thermal printers, credit card swappers, etc. and set up your box-office

    Check out Ticketor Store for compatible equipment and supplies. Also, check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help > Set up your box-office for instructions on setting up your box-office equipment.
    Ticketor equipement store
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Section

    You are probably familiar with our Help/Instructions page in Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions and with our Video Tutorials in Control Panel > Help & Support > Videos. Now we have added a new FAQ page in Control Panel > Help & Support > FAQ to answer the most common questions. Check it out! We will keep adding to it.
  • Voiding an Invoice

    If you issue an invoice by mistake, you always had the option to return the tickets in that invoice and associated charge. Now with the "Void Invoice" option, it is faster and easier. Find the invoice in Control Panel > Reports > Sales & Invoices and from the "Invoice Actions" menu of the invoice, choose "Void Invoice".
  • Chargeback and Dispute Responses

    Have you get a chargeback or dispute and need to respond and fight back? It is now easy with Ticketor. Go to Control Panel > Reports > Sales & Invoices and find the disputed invoice. Edit the invoice and from the "Invoice Actions" menu of the invoice, choose "Prepare charge-back response". A generic response will get generate for the invoice with all the user and invoice information. Simply click on the header and update the "Case #:". If the generated response is exactly as you want, you can print it out and submit it. If not you can save the response as HTML, then open and edit it in Microsoft Word.
  • Shortcut keys added to make the box-office sales faster

    Shortcut keys also known as hotkeys are added to many of the buttons and functionalities mostly used by the sales agents during the busiest sales hours to make the sales and print process as fast as possible.
    These shortcuts are in the form of Ctrl + [a key] and are mostly available on the checkout page, confirmation page and the mini shopping cart at the top.
    The shortcut key is either mentioned on the button or will be visible when you hover your mouse over the button.
  • Auto-Apply Coupons & Coupons for Fix Discount Per Ticket

    Coupons are now improved by the new "Amount Per Ticket" coupon type and auto-apply coupons. Auto-apply coupons gets automatically applied to the buyer's cart on the checkout page if all the conditions meet.
  • Hard Tickets & Thermal Ticket Papers in 6 Different Colors

    Now you can order hard tickets (physical tickets) and thermal stock paper in 6 different colors. You can have different colors per section or price level.
    Hard (physical thermal) tickets printerd by Ticketor in 6 different colors
  • Mobile friendly e-Tickets

    You have probably accepted e-tickets from the user phone display but had to zoom in the barcode area to be able to scan the barcode. The new mobile-friendly e-tickets have a big barcode to be easily readable by your barcode scanner.
    Ticketor e-tickets print version vs mobile version. Big barcode to be easily scanned from the phone display.
  • Easier shipping for mail delivery tickets

    You can now print all the shipping slips for the orders that require shipping from the "Sales report" menu in one click. The shipping slip will have the buyer shipping address and their tickets. After you print all the shipping slips, you can click the "Mark as shipped" button from the same menu in the "Sales Report" to mark the orders as shipped and send out a shipping status email to buyers.
  • Add Facebook videos to your event

    Facebook YouTube Now you can use either Facebook or YouTube videos in your event
  • Print shipping slip and tickets from the sales report

    Now you can print the shipping slip and shipping tickets from the Sales report. In one click, it will set the order status as shipped, send out the shipping confirmation email and print the shipping slip and tickets.
  • Sell Blocked Tickets Without Unblocking

    Users with permission to "Sell blocked tickets" will be able to see and sell blocked tickets without unblocking them. It will help you to reserve seats for your special guests. Administrators are granted this permission by default, but you can grant it to any "Sales Agent".
  • New Redesigned Online Store

    Add a store online to your site and sell memberships, hotel packages, CDs, T-Shirts, .... Go to Control Panel > Account & Settings > Pages & Navigation to add your online store.
  • Gallery Style Events Pages

    Now your upcoming events page and past event page can be displayed as a stylish, animated gallery. It will have all the classic page functionalities and users can simply get information and purchase tickets from your site. Check out Ticketor Demo Gallery for a sample and go to your events page and click on the settings icon to update your events pages to the new look and feel.
  • New Stylish Gallery Page

    New gallery pages can be used as photo albums and video gallery. It can be configured to get pictures and videos from your Facebook page, so it will always have your latest photos and videos. It can also be used to show flyers from your past or upcoming events. Check out Ticketor Demo Gallery for a sample and add your gallery page from Control Panel > Account & Settings > Pages & Navigation
  • Event Videos

    Now there is a specific field for YouTube video in the Event Settings section, making adding the video to your event easier.
  • PayPal Payment Enhancement

    Buyers paying with PayPal, can now pay without having a PayPal account. This big enhancement will make the sales much easier especially for websites that only offer PayPal as their payment processing.
  • PayPal Partnership

    Ticketor is now partnered with PayPal.
  • On-boarding Videos

    We have added some on-boarding videos that walk you through setting up your site, your payment processing methods, your venues, evens and seating charts.
    They are available from Control Panel > Help & Support > Videos
  • Braintree Partnership

    Ticketor is now partnered with Braintree so you can get a Braintree account for payment processing, much faster and easier
  • New E-Tickets designs

    Now you can choose from a few different and good looking e-ticket designs. New e-tickets will be colored and the color will match the section (price level) color.
    E-ticket designs printed by Ticketor with your logo
  • ADs, Terms, Sponsors on E-Tickets

    Now you can upload an image to be appended to each e-ticket. The image could be your terms, an ad, the logo of your sponsors or all of them.
  • Price level color selection

    Now you can choose a color for each price level and can also give a name to each price level. For example, you may want to choose color green for "VIP" tickets. The e-tickets will also get printed with that color. from a few different and good looking e-ticket designs. new e-tickets will be colored and the color will vary based on the section (price level) color.
  • Rotate the seating chart

    Now both you as the seating chart designer and the user can rotate the seating chart to best fit it on the screen and get a better view.
  • Designer-made designs

    We have introduced a full-design section in the designer tool where you can easily select a professional design for your site at virtually no effort. More designs to come soon.
    Slick site design by Ticketor. Easily build a good looking site using Ticketor's templates  Slick site design by Ticketor. Easily build a good looking site using Ticketor's templates
  • Gallery of images and patterns

    Now the designer tool allows you to select images or patterns for your background images. Thousands of images have been added in different categories. Check them out.
  • Price Variation

    A few months ago, we added the ability to have price variation (Senior price, Student price, Early bird price, ...) for general admission events. Now this functionality is extended to assigned seat events as well.
  • Hard ticket printing

    Your sales agents and box-office staff will now be able to print hard-copy tickets. All you need is a compatible thermal printer. Contact us for more info.
    A samply hard (physical thermal) ticket printed by Ticketor
  • Credit card and Id reader

    Your retail stores and box-office staff can now use an inexpensive credit card reader to efficiently fill out the credit card information and billing information just by swiping the credit card and ID.
    Use Ticketor in your box-office. Simply swipe credit cards and IDs to complete the purchase.
  • Direct delivery method and fast checkout

    Your retail stores and box-office staff will now have the "Direct delivery" in their delivery methods. They also have the options for much faster checkout.
  • Cash payment method

    Your retail stores and box-office staff will now have the option to accept cash as their payment method.
  • Accessible Seats

    You can now simply mark seats as accessible.

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