Ticketor - How to: Sub-promoters (track referrals)

Sub-promoters (track referrals)

You may have sub-promoters who promote your events and may get paid based on their sales amount. Or you may advertise on different media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) or run different digital ads and want to track the return of investment (ROI) for each ad or platform.

Ticketor allows you to create as many "track-able links" for each event or for your website and use the links in your digital ads or give it away to sub-promoters. When a buyer clicks on the link to come to your site and purchases tickets, the purchase will be tracked back to the link and will get associated to the "referrer". Later on, you can pull sales reports based on the referrer.

To create a track-able link for an event, edit the event and go to the "Promote" tab > Track-able links area. Put in a tracking name which could be the name or nickname of a sub-promoter or a code to distinguish the media or Ad.

Some examples of the tracking name could be: John, Mary, Facebook, GoogleAd1, GooglePayPerClick3

Click on the "Generate link" and copy the generated link.

Similarly you can create track-able links for your website (all events) using the following pattern: https://www.Ticketor.com?treferrer=ReferrerName

Reporting the referrer

Event statement: Use the Control Panel > Events & Venues > Event Statement > Report type: Sales by origin, to get the total amount of sales, broken down by referrer.

Referrals Report: Use the Control Panel > Reports > Referrals to get detailed list of sales by referrer

In case you need more analytics and tracking information, you can integrate with Google Analytics. Check out the Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Google Analytics Integration for more information.