Ticketor - How to: Moving the site to your own domain / sub-domain (white-label)

Moving the site to your own domain / sub-domain (white-label)

Your Ticketor site initially has an address like Ticketor.com/[YourName]. Assuming that you own a domain like MyDomain.com, you can move the site to this address and make the site more customized (white-label).

If you already have a site on MyDomain.com that you intend to keep (and not replace with your Ticketor site), you can instead use a sub-domain of your domain for Ticketor. For example you can have your Ticketor site on Tickets.MyDomain.com or Events.MyDomain.com

To do so, you need a Premium account.


Log in to your domain registrar control panel (the company that you purchased the domain from) and set your NAMESERVERS (NS records) to:

  • NS1.Ticketor.com
  • NS2.Ticketor.com

Remove any other values.

Instruction for a domain (Using GoDaddy or similar websites) ex: www.mydomain.com

You need to login to your domain control panel from the company you registered your domain with (for example, GoDaddy), and change your NAMESERVERS to point to NS1.Ticketor.com and NS2.Ticketor.com. Make sure to remove the old values (replace the old values).

Instruction for a sub-domain (Using GoDaddy or similar websites) ex: tickets.mydomain.com

  1. Go to your domain control panel
  2. Go to the DNS manager where you can edit your Zone file
  3. Add a NS (nameserver) record. Set “host:” to "tickets.mydomain.com", or just "tickets" and “point to:” to “NS1.Ticketor.com” and “TTL:” to “1 Hour”
  4. Add another NS record. Set “host:” to "tickets.mydomain.com", or just "tickets" and “point to:” to “NS2.Ticketor.com” and “TTL:” to “1 Hour”

After the move is finalized you will access your site on your own domain or sub-domain.

All outgoing emails such as sales confirmation, welcome email and newsletters will go out from one of the below addresses from your domain/sub-domain.

Also, you will be able to receive emails at the below addresses. All emails sent to these addresses will get forwarded to your administrator(s) email addresses.

  • support@[Your domain or subdomain]
  • charges@ [Your domain or subdomain]
  • info@ [Your domain or subdomain]
  • information@ [Your domain or subdomain]
  • orders@ [Your domain or subdomain]
  • privacy@ [Your domain or subdomain]
  • sales@ [Your domain or subdomain]

Check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Use Your Ticketor Email Address(es) for more information on sending and receiving emails.


  1. Do not use "a" records or CNAME records. Ticketor needs to also manage the incoming and outgoing emails.
  2. Do not hardcode Ticketor IPs. They may change at any time without notice and your site will become unavailable.
  3. You may forward your domain to https://www.ticketor.com but remember that it is very different than the white-label solution mentioned above. With forwarding, buyer can type in your domain name, however, they will see https://www.ticketor.com in their browser. Also emails go out from Ticketor.com@Ticketor.com
  4. Do not forward your domain with masking. Masking will keep your domain name in the browser but it will cause the user to not see the https (secure) sign in the address bar and so not feel secure to put in their credit card information. It may also cause confusion for the user or may break some functionalities such as PayPal payment.
  5. If this solution is not suitable for you, you may consider Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Integrate Ticketor with Your Website