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Gate Control & e-Ticket Validation

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How to admit patrons to your event professionally and in style


The purpose of gate control is to validate tickets at the gate and admit valid tickets to your event. It should be fast, professional and able to accurately distinguish valid, invalid and duplicated tickets. The faster the process, the shorter the wait time at the door and the more organized the event.

Traditional methods:

Traditionally, tickets are printed in a print-shop on regular papers. Since most of these tickets lack secure duplicate prevention methods, they are subject to fraud. They can easily be copied and duplicated by the bad guys, using any color printer and copier.

Unlike traditional tickets, e-tickets are more secure and protected by securely generated barcodes that makes duplicating them very hard if not impossible. 


An e-ticket with secure barcode generated by TicketorTo accomplish this goal, each e-ticket generated by Ticketor has a securely generated numeric barcode. The numeric value for the barcode is also printed right beneath the barcode. 

In simple terms, the gate keeper is responsible to check this numeric value against a list of all valid values for the event and as each e-ticket is used, check the value out of the list.

Invalid Ticket:

If the value on the ticket does not exist in the list, it means that this ticket is not valid for this event. It could be either for another performance or generated fraudulently.  

Duplicated Ticket:

If the value on the ticket exists in the list but already marked as entered, it means that the ticket is duplicated fraudulently and access to the event should be denied.


Ticketor offers different solutions to accurately and professionally validate the e-tickets and admit patrons to the event. Best solution for your event depends on the size of event, number of gates, availability of the internet at the gate and your budget.


1.      An admission list printed by TicketorPrinting Admission List – Most simple solution for small events

o   Maximum size of the event: 150 person

o   Estimated cost: No cost

o   Maximum number of gates: 1

o   Internet Connection at the gate: not required

This is the most basic method that works for small events. You can use the “Delivery Reports” section of Ticketor to print the “Admission List” and take it to the venue. The gate keeper has to verify each e-ticket against the list and mark each admitted ticket to catch the duplicates.

The sale should end sometime before you print the list probably a few hours before the event to print the most recent admission list.


2.      A Bluetooth barcode scanner that is used along with a smartphone, tablet or computer to validate Ticketor generated e-ticketsUsing a Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop with a Bluetooth or USB Barcode Scanner (MOST POPULAR and recommended for almost any events)

o   Maximum size of the event: unlimited

o   Estimated cost: A smart phone or tablet (starting at $70) and a Bluetooth (starting at $160) or USB (starting at $130) barcode scanner per gate

o   Maximum number of gates: Unlimited

o   Internet connection at the gate: Preferred – If not available, offline validation should be used

o   Recommended devices:

·         Socket Series 8 - Bluetooth

·         Any IPhone or Android smartphone with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and data capabilities

·         A modern browser on the phone (Latest version of Firefox or Chrome)

This is the most popular method for gate control. It is compatible with all size of events and can quickly and efficiently scan and validate tickets. You can use almost any smartphone, tablet or laptop with the scanner. If your device has a USB port, you can use a less expensive USB barcode scanner, however our recommendation is a cellphone with a Bluetooth barcode scanner that gives you the flexibility of using Wi-Fi or data along with the wireless connectivity of the scanner and cellphone.

Regardless of what devices are used for barcode scanner and smartphone or tablet, the system works the same. The barcode scanner scans the barcode and transfer the numeric value to your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth or USB cable.  The computer or smartphone validates the barcode and displays the validation result on the screen. An audible beep will also be played through the speakers or headphone depending on the result of validation.

If valid, the name of buyer appears on the screen which allows you to welcome them by name. Other information such as their phone number, date of purchase and credit card used to purchase will also be available.

In this method, you can have as many gates as required and the ticket sale can continue even after the gates are open.


Online & Offline validation:

This solution can work both in online and offline mode.  In offline mode, the data is downloaded to your phone in advance and you won’t need internet connection at the gate. In online mode, each ticket is validated against Ticketor servers. It means that you need reliable internet (preferably Wi-Fi for faster validations) at the venue. As you scan a ticket, a request is sent to the server to validate the ticket and mark it as “entered”.  While online solution is preferred for multiple gates, offline solution is the preferred method for single gates and comes with some limitations if used in multi-gate situations.  

Single gate (Usually up to 1200 e-Tickets): 

You can use either online or offline modes. The offline mode will work faster and eliminates the hassle of being connected to the internet.


If you have multiple gates, it is important that all the tickets get validated against a single list to successfully detect duplicate tickets. So if the internet is available at the gate, the online method is highly recommended. In online method, each ticket is validated against the list on the server and it will catch all the duplicate tickets regardless of the gate they are trying to enter from.

Multi-gate without internet connection:

If you have multiple gates and no internet connection, offline mode with specific limitations is your only option. The data will be downloaded to all the devices and each device will be assigned to a specific gate. The device will give you a barcode range. You will need to post that ranges on each gate and patrons have to check their barcode with the ranges posted on each gate and enter from the designated gate.

Scanning with one hand: 

The recommended Bluetooth scanners are designed in a way to easily get attached to the phone. You can use a double tape such as Scotch® Reusable Tapes to attach them to the back of your phone.

For other scanners, you can hold the scanner in one hand and keep the smartphone on a shelf, in your pocket or hanged on your chest. You will hear the audible beep and if you hear an invalid beep, you will need to take a look at the screen.  In this scenario, we recommend using a headphone in case the environment is too noisy.


  How to purchase or rent the devices:

If you need consultation on the brand or devices or want to purchase or rent your devices from us, please check out Ticketor Store or email us at

Supported language: English
Supported Countries:
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  • India
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  • Malta
  • Netherlands
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