Ticketor Coupons and Promotions

Ticketor Coupons and Promotions

The following coupons are available on the Signup page as of today. Coupons may expire at any time without notice. The discount coupons are only available during the initial sign up.

Coupons Available as of Today:

  • Coupon  10% off your monthly fee for the life of the account or till you change your plan (Applicable to any Premium plan)
  • Coupon  No monthly fee for 2 months in addition to the 10% off coupon (Applicable to Premium 3-year plan)
  • Rebate  You, as the administrator of your site, are qualified to receive 5% back in Amazon (or other brands) e-gift-cards, after selling a minimum of $2000.00 in your first 3 months after signup. The 5% is calculated based on all monthly, setup and transaction fees paid to Ticketor within the first 3 months after signup. (Applicable to all Standard and Premium plans)

    * The rebate is our small thank-you to you for your time and effort on setting up and learning Ticketor in a timely manner, however, it is up to you if you want to spend it on yourself or your organization.

    * Only request the rebate if it is not against any law applicable to you or your organization and you are allowed to receive gifts. Government employees, agents, contractors, ... should not request the rebate unless they are spending that for and according to their organization's applicable law.

    * You should request the rebate by contacting support from your dashboard any time after you receive your 3rd month statement and before you receive your 5th month statement.