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Sell Tickets on Your Own Website with Your Own Logo & Branding!

Setup Your Own Ticket Selling Website in 3 Simple Steps!

Collect Money Directly in Your Account, Several Days Before the Event!

Let Buyers Pick Their Seat On an Interactive Seating Chart!

Don't Pay High Charges to Sell Tickets!

Control All Charges (Convenience fees, Shipping & Handling, etc.)

Use Ticketor at your Box-office, Retail locations and by your phone agents

Ticketor is not only a great tool for selling tickets online, but it is also a full-featured product and offers all the features needed by your box-office staff, retail stores and phone agents?


If you need to sell tickets at the venue (box-office), or you have retail stores where people can buy tickets in-person and probably pay cash, or you want to provide a phone line that people can call and buy tickets by phone, this blog is for you.

 Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • You can have special users on your site in specific roles and permissions. You can have as many "Administrators", "Sales Agents", "Organizer", "Reporters" and ... To learn how to create accounts with special permissions check out your site  help page, section: Special users  . Your "Sales Agents" may have permission to Sell in cashGive discounts, Charge Extra and more. 


  • Your box-office staff and retail locations, can sell in cash or credit. Your can use a Credit Card/ID Reader at these locations, to swipe credit cards and IDs and efficiently fill out all the credit card and billing information.

  Credit card swiper     Swipe an ID

  • Your box-office and retail stores can print tickets right after finalizing the sales. Ticket can be printed either in the form of
    • e-tickets, on a regular plain paper using a regular laser or inkjet printer, or
    • Professional thermal tickets, using a compatible thermal ticket printer. Thermal tickets will have the same structure and barcode as the e-tickets and can be validated using the same barcode scanners.

 Thermal Printer     Hard Ticket

  • Your phone agents will be able to sell by phone. If the buyer provides an email address, they will receive a confirmation and e-tickets (if selected) in their email. If they don't provide an email address, you can choose will-call or mail as the delivery method.


  •  Using Ticketor gate control system, you don't have to close your online sales before the event. You can keep the sales going even after the event is started. Online buyers will be able to purchase online or on their phones while your box-office staff and phone agents are selling. Gate control will be able to validate all the tickets as they are selling. 


If you have any questions or need to obtain information and purchase compatible devices (Credit card readers, Thermal printers, Barcode scanners, etc. ) please check out Ticketor store or contact us at AdminSupport@Ticketor.Com.



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Supported Countries:
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  • India
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  • Israel
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
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