45 Unbelievable Facts About Ticketor's Unbeatable Pricing


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45 Unbelievable Facts About Ticketor

When it comes to ticketing, pricing and fees are not the main factors for decision making. The most important factors are probably reliability, ease of use and features. However, pricing and fees are also important factors.

There are systems out there that charge 20% to 40% and so are so expensive for the event organizer or the buyer. Such systems will significantly reduce your sale or bite into your profit.

There are other systems that sound less expensive, but have so much hidden fees and they Nickle and Dime you for everything. You will never know your actual cost until you use the system.

Some others are limited in features and so some day-to-day activities such as returning a ticket, exchanging tickets or creating a seating chart needs to be done by their agents and so cost money and extra time.

What if we tell you that Ticketor is an event ticketing and box-office system that offers all the benefits together. Highly reliable, very easy and intuitive for you and for the buyer, super featureful, and unbelievably affordable with predictable pricing and no hidden fees.

If you have used other ticketing systems, the following facts about Ticketor may be a big surprise to you.

45 of the best Ticketor Pricing Facts:

  1. Did you know that Ticketor offers a Premium plan with no flat fee per ticket that only charges 2.5% (+ $0.00) of the ticket price? That is just a quarter ($0.25) on a $10.00 ticket! How much can you save?
  2. Does your ticketing system refund your fees when you refund tickets? Did you know that Ticketor gives you credit for the fees when you refund tickets or cancel events? Most other providers don't do that or charge you extra for refunds.
  3. Does your ticketing company increase your rates every year? When you are all vested in the system and it is so hard and expensive to switch? Ticketor has never raised its prices on our existing clients. NEVER.
  4. When do you receive the ticket sales money? After the event? With Ticketor, you can use your own payment processor or PayPal, or simply get a payment processor during the setup, and you will receive the sales money directly as you sell, before the event.
  5. How easy is with your ticketing company to change plans or cancel the account? Do you need a new quote? Do you need to call? With Ticketor you can change your plan or cancel your account at any time from your dashboard.
  6. Does your ticketing system lock you in a long-term contract? You can use Ticketor with no contract, although we do offer contracted plans if you prefer one.
  7. Do you trust your ticketing company with your money? If they collect the sales money on your behalf, they may owe you hundreds of thousands dollars or maybe a few million dollars at some times. Do you trust them? Do you know where they invest your money? Do you know that ticketing companies are not financial institutes and so are not regulated by governments for financials? Search the news about the ticketing companies who could not pay the event organizers because their investments failed. Ticketor does not have hold to your money and does not have access to your money. So Ticketor will never owe you money. You receive the sales money as you sell.
  8. Is your ticketing company's pricing clear or do you need to get a quote? Is it complex to understand? Does it increase every year? How about hidden fees? Our pricing is very clear and it is posted on our website. No hidden fees, no games, no price increases.
  9. Why would a ticketing company lock you in a contract if they truly believe you are going to be satisfied with their service? Do they offer their best service when they know that you are locked in a long-term contract and cannot go anywhere?
  10. Do you have to send emails or make a call to your ticketing company for a refund? Did you know, with Ticketor, you can do everything by yourself and never have to send an email or make a phone call to our staff to make changes? Some examples are designing or modifying seating charts, making refunds; exchanges, etc.
  11. Does your ticketing company allow you to have an account and test everything before committing or paying a Penny? Ticketor does.
  12. Are you a non-profit or charitable organization? Does your ticketing system charge you the for-profit rate for credit card processing? With Ticketor, you can use your own payment processor and enjoy the non-profit rate for payment processing. You will also receive the sales money directly as you sell.
  13. Does your ticketing system raise your fees or take away the features that you use? Did you know that Ticketor has never raised its fees on existing clients, even inactive clients, and has never introduced new fees to them in the over 15-year history of the company?
  14. Can you include the cost of box office operations in your ticket service fees? With Ticketor, you can. You can set the fees that the buyer pays as high as you want or as low as zero. You are the one who sets and collects the service fees.
  15. Did you know that with Ticketor you are in full control of everything, including the buyer fees. You can decide how much the buyer pays in fees. You can go as high as you want and make extra revenue, or go as low as zero an absorb all or part of the fee or you can align it with your Ticketor fee to transfer the fee to the buyer.
  16. How long is the hold period on your ticket sales money? Ticketor will not have a hold on your money and will not have access to it. You will receive the sales money directly and as you.
  17. Does your ticketing system allow you to sell tickets in as many ticket booths or box-offices, in one location or all around the town or the planet while selling tickets online? At no extra fee? Ticketor does. This article explains how quickly and easily you can set up ticket booths, retail locations or sell tickets on the go:How to Set Up a Ticket Booth, Ticket Desk, Box Office or just Sell Tickets On-the-Go and Accept Credit Card, Cash, Checks or Send Invoices Using Ticketor
  18. Does your ticketing system charge you per administrator user? With Ticketor you can have unlimited administrators, sales staff, gate controllers, event organizers, …
  19. Does your Ticketor system charge you for scanning app or scanning tickets? With Ticketor there is no fee for using scanning app. You can scan tickets with your own fee at no fee.
  20. Does your ticketing company limit you on the number of picture, videos or amount of content you can use? With Ticketor you can have unlimited pictures, videos and content
  21. Do you pay extra for support or support packages? Ticketor offers free, unlimited, high-quality support at no charge
  22. If you are paying $1.00 fee on a $10.00 ticket, that is 10%. You need to check out Ticketor's prices. It only charges 2.5% which is just $0.25 . If you or your buyers pay more than a 2.5% service charge on tickets, you need to check with Ticketor.
  23. Whose name do the buyers see on their credit card statements? Yours or your ticketing company's? With Ticketor, buyers will only see your name on their credit card statement not a 3rd party and you receive the sales money directly and as you sell.
  24. Do you pay to create a new seating chart or make modifications? Did you know with Ticketor you can create or update as many seating charts all by yourself, free of charge?
  25. Did you know Ticketor comes integrated with a full-featured, maintenance-free newsletter and mailing list system and you can cut the cost or your 3rd party mailing list system?
  26. Did you know Ticketor comes integrated with a reviews system that allow you to build and manage your reputation and you can cut the cost or your 3rd party review management system?
  27. Did you know that Ticketor comes with so many marketing, SEO and advertising features, most of them free of charge or at a guaranteed ROI. Check out: Everything about Marketing, SEO and Advertising Your Events
  28. Did you know, with Ticketor, you can change your ticket prices at any time and it will take effect right away?
  29. Does your ticketing system assign you a dedicate, permanent and knowledgeable customer support engineer? Ticketor does. All our customer support engineers are also software engineers and familiar with the code! Read our reviews and watch the testimonial videos at: Ticketor.com
  30. Does your ticketing company offer free, unlimited Zoom support with your dedicated support engineer at no extra fee? Ticketor does. Ticketor assigns to you a permanent, dedicated support engineer, who is expert in the product and code.
  31. Did you know at Ticketor, your questions are NEVER answered by a call-center or level 1 support whose job is to read to you from scripts or mitigate the requests? At Ticketor, all your chats, emails, calls or Zoom meetings are answered by your dedicated support engineer who knows the product and the code very well.
  32. Does your ticketing system allow for purchase of multiple events in one transaction? How about merchandise? Donations? Gift cards? Using the Ticketor's fully integrated system, buyers can buy tickets to as many events, as well as buy merchandise or gift cards, and make donations in one single transaction.
  33. Does your ticketing system support selling tickets and sending out invoices? With Ticketor you can sell tickets and send out an invoice with a payable link. As soon as the buyer pays the invoice, they will get their tickets.
  34. Does your ticketing system support selling in cash, check, credit card and sending out invoices? Does it have proper accountability reports for cashiers? Ticketor supports all these methods of payments and it offers cash-register functionality with click-in / clock-out capability for full accountability and reporting.
  35. With Ticketor, a buyer can show up at the gate with no tickets, take out their phone, purchase the ticket, pay with a credit card and walk through the gate, showing their ticket on the phone right away and the gate control system will recognize the ticket as soon as they are purchased.
  36. Did you know with Ticketor you can have password-protected prices that will show up only for people with a password.
  37. Do you know about Ticketor's 'Share & Earn' marketing program? You can convert buyers to promoters and turn them into loyal returning customers. Every buyer will be offered to share your site and events on their social media or through email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or other tools. If their friends purchase tickets through their link, they will earn a small commission as credit that they can use on their future purchases. Ticketor's 'Share & Earn program is a guaranteed marketing tool.
  38. Did you know that you can accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo with Ticketor? And you will receive the sales money directly as you sell.
  39. What happens when you make a mistake in setting up your event? Does your ticketing system allow you to fix the mistake, all by your-self, even after the event is on sale? With Ticketor, almost everything is editable at any time, all by yourself.
  40. Did you know that with Ticketor, you can have multiple prices for every seat? prices like kids, adults, and seniors. or time-based pricing like early-bird or last-minute prices. Or group-based pricing like couples, family or group of 10.
  41. Did you know that with Ticketor you can have time-based pricing that gets activated or deactivated on a predefined schedule? Did you know you can change the schedule or pricing at any time, even after the event is on sale?
  42. Did you know that with Ticketor, you can sell tickets in many countries and accept different currencies?
  43. Did you know with Ticketor you can create packages and bundle events together, optionally at a discounted rate? You can also offer partial discounts if the buyer purchases a certain number of events in the package.
  44. Did you know with Ticketor you can sell memberships? like membership to a gym, class, amusement park or museum. or limited memberships that are good for a certain number of visits.
  45. Did you know with Ticketor you can sell season passes as well as flexible season passes and limited season passes?