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We at Ticketor do what we can to prevent any type of abuse, spam or infringement of rights by use of our services.

Please note that the content on our websites are uploaded by Users and not Ticketor, and as a result we do not have full control over all the content.

You can contact the Site Owner (event organizer) who is in charge of such content directly. Their contact information or a contact us form must exist on their website. However, we encourage Users to report all illegal activities, spam or abuse through the form below so we can assist in getting it resolved in an efficient matter.

We will try to respond to any received emails in three (3) business days, however please note that any statement made by Ticketor representatives or employees, include no promises and you cannot rely on such promises.

Ticketor position is a provider of an Interactive Computer Service, and so is afforded protection from liability of all content posted by its users according to the provisions of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. As a result, we don't judge the merits of the content posted by our Users on our site and we are unable and don't editorialize such content, or risk losing such protections. However, our terms of service allow us to remove any content added to our websites by Users at our sole exclusive discretion.

  • If you want to report a Copyright Infringement please use the proper form here
  • Spam reports: All non-transactional emails sent from Ticketor services, include a link at the very bottom that allows you to easily change your email preferences and opt out of receiving such emails. Please try that link to immediately opt out of receiving such emails. In case such link does not exist or you still receive emails, fill out the form below.
  • We are unable to comply with requests of disclosure of personal information of our users including the IP address, email, etc.
  • Government agencies / Law enforcement officers: If you are a member of government law enforcement or police department and are investigating an ongoing case, our policy is to comply with any law enforcement investigation. Please contact us.
  • If you are not a member of law enforcement and want to have an event, site or content removed or want to obtain personal information, you need to first obtain a court order. We honor the court orders.

Contact By Email

Make sure to provide:

  1. The exact address (URL) where the content exists on
  2. Clearly identify the abusive content
  3. Why do you consider such content abusive or illegal

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International: (+1) 213-537-2527 (Call & Text)

Ticketor does not undertake in any way to accept your complaint and/or to take any action. Ticketor will review and consider your complaint and verify the information that you provide and shall act or refrain from taking action at its sole discretion.

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