Sell tickets online, on your website and in the box-office

Sell Tickets on Your Own Website with Your Own Logo & Branding!

Setup Your Own Ticket Selling Website in 3 Simple Steps!

Collect Money Directly in Your Account, Several Days Before the Event!

Let Buyers Pick Their Seat On an Interactive Seating Chart!

Don't Pay High Charges to Sell Tickets!

Control All Charges (Convenience fees, Shipping & Handling, etc.)

White-label Complete Ticketing Solution - Features


Interactive Seating Chart

Although we have the seating charts for many popular venues, creating a new seating chart may take only a few minutes.

Sell Tickets on Your Own Website & Domain, With Your Own Branding

Sell Tickets on Your Own Website & Domain, With Your Own Branding

Using Ticketor's Designer control panel, anybody will be able to create a professional-looking website in a matter of minutes.

Select a theme and layout, upload a header, logo and background image and edit the content. No HTML or web design knowledge is required.

Get Access to the Sales Money Directly and Before the Event

Get Access to the Sales Money Directly and Before the Event

Using Ticketor, sales money goes directly into your bank account through your PayPal or your payment processor (merchant account). It means that you will have access to the sales money as tickets are selling and probably several days before your event.

Visit the FAQ section for more information about payment methods and how to obtain them.

Accepts Major Credit Cards, Major Currencies, From Different Countries

Accepts Major Credit Cards, Major Currencies, From Different Countries

Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, ... in US.

Planning an event over-seas? Ticketor allows you to accept different credit-cards and major currencies.

Mailing List with Tracking

Mailing List with Tracking

Every buyer or fan is given the option and encouraged to subscribe to your mailing list. You can send out emails and news-letter regularly or whenever you have a new event.

Tracking allows you to see who has viewed your email or clicked on a link. You will have better understanding of your mailing list effectiveness and can track how much of your website traffic and sales drive from mailing list.

SEO and Google Optimization

Search engine optimization

Having a website that ranks high in search engines is valuable. The first step in SEO is to have a good website that is built based on the most recent SEO rules and recommendation.

Our SEO specialists work really hard to make sure your website is using the latest SEO recommendations and have high visibility to search engines. Sitemaps, meta data, keywords, structured data, links, proper tags, ... are all considered high importance to Ticketor engineers.

Support Self-Service Returns & Exchanges if Allowed by You

Support Self-Service Returns & Exchanges if Allowed by You

Our records indicate that having a good returns policy will encourage the fans to purchase their tickets earlier without having to worry about unexpected plan changes. If you believe in the same concept, Ticketor provides you with all the tools to accept automatic and self-service returns up to a certain date and after deducting a return fee. The date and fee are both picked by you.

Integrate with Google Ad-Sense and Google Analytics

Google AdSense is a system by Google that allows Google to display ads on your website and in return, getting paid by Google based on your website traffic and/or the number of clicks on the ads by your website visitors.

Google Analytics gives you detailed analytics and stats of your website's traffic. If you want to improve your website traffic, first you should have a good insight of its current state and should be able to monitor the growth or changes.

Google Analytics let you know who are the users are your site? From what country/city? What demographic? From what website did they get to your site? What keywords did they search to get find your site and many more valuable information.

e-Tickets with Secure Barcodes & Your Logo

e-Ticket with your logo and branding and secure barcode

Buyers will have the option to print their tickets at home and save time and money. All e-tickets are printed with your logo and branding and are secured by barcodes. E-tickets can be validated for duplicate and fraudulently generated tickets.

Gate-Control & e-Tickets Validation Using Your Smartphone

Bluetooth scanner and smartphone for barcode validation

Ticketor offers different methods for gate control and e-Ticket validation. One of the most popular ones is using a Bluetooth barcode scanner and your smartphone. To learn more about different options check our blog.

Control All Charges (Convenience Fees, Shipping & Handling, etc.)

Control All Charges

Using Ticketor, YOU will decide how much you want to charge your customers. You may choose a small amount (maybe around 5%) to cover all your ticketing charges and break even, or you may choose a higher amount to make money out of your ticketing service, or you may waive all charges and in return sell more tickets. It is all your call!

Pay ZERO in Ticketing Fees Make Money Out of Ticketing

Pay ZERO for Ticketing

Using Ticketor, you are the one who sets the buyer fees. You can set the buyer fees so that buyer pays all the ticketing costs and you pay ZERO for ticketing! Not only that, you can set higher fees for buyers and make money out of ticketing and the buyer will still pay less fees than buying from 3rd party sites!

Social Network Marketing & Facebook Integration

Social Network Marketing & Facebook Integration

By adding "Facebook" feature, your website will get integrated with Facebook and leverage the power of Facebook to reach to more customers.

  • You can add a "Tickets" tab to your Facebook page where your fans can get information and start purchasing directly on your Facebook page
  • Users can login with their Facebook account for easier access to the site
  • Like and Share your events
  • and more to come ...

Different Delivery Methods

Different Delivery Methods

Ticketor supports different delivery methods: Will-Call, print at home e-Tickets and different mail services.

You can decide if and how much to charge for each delivery method.

Use Images, Videos & Text to Promote Your Event

You can use images (flyers, thumbnails), YouTube videos and text on your event pages.

Detail Real-Time Reports

Detail Real-Time Reports

Have access to different real-time reports and get notified via email as soon as a sale happens on your site.

Content Pages

Content Pages

Photo & album pages: Show photos of you and your events on your website

Videos pages: Have YouTube videos on your site

Blog & News: Build blog and news pages that you can update easily.

Free-form pages: Add any type of content. Just write something.

Online Store

Online Store

Need to sell some items online? You can add an online-store and sell your CDs, DVDs, t-shirts and other goods.

Supported language: English
Supported Countries:
  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • European Union
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Norway
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  • Poland
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