White-label Complete Ticketing Solution - Features


All Type and Sizes of Events

You can use Ticketor to sell tickets to all type and sizes of events. From small parties, to big concerts or sport matches. From general admission events to assigned seat events with complex seating charts. public events or private ones.

Create your events, upload pictures and videos, set the prices, set the capacity and start selling.

Interactive Seating Chart

Powerful seating chart designer and interactive seating charts

Using Ticketor's state-of-the-art technology, called Seating chart designer, you can build an interactive seating chart for virtually any venue, whether amphitheaters, round-table (dinner style), night clubs or any combination, and allow users to pick their seat on the seating chart.

You will be able to drag the sections around and rotate them to get the best possible view of your venue. Different price levels will show in different colors on the seating chart.

Sell Tickets on Your Own Website & Domain, With Your Own Branding (White-Label)

Sell Tickets on Your Own Website & Domain, With Your Own Branding

Using Ticketor's Designer control panel, anybody will be able to create a professional-looking website in a matter of minutes.

Select a theme and layout, upload a header, logo and background image and edit the content. No HTML or web design knowledge is required.

Get Access to the Sales Money Directly and Before the Event

Get Access to the Sales Money Directly and Before the Event

One of the greatest advantages of Ticketor is that using Ticketor, sales money goes directly into your bank account through your PayPal or your payment processor (merchant account)". It means that you will have access to the sales money as tickets sell and several days before your event."

If you don't have a payment processor, don't worry, you can get one during the setup in couple minutes.

Ticketor is compatible with the most popular payment processors including Stripe, Square, Braintree, Authorize.net, PayPal, CenPos (Bahamas & Caribbean), PayU (India) .

Visit the FAQ section for more information.

Accepts Major Credit Cards, Major Currencies, From Different Countries

Accepts Major Credit Cards, Major Currencies, From Different Countries

Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, ...

Sell tickets in different countries and different currencies and always collect the sales money in your local currency.

Your tickets will always sell in your local currency and you collect the money in your local currency. No currency conversion.

Use Your Ticketor Portal Standalone or Embed it in Your Site

Use Your Ticketor Portal Standalone or Embed it in Your Site

You can use your Ticketor-based site in different ways.

  1. You can use it as a stand-alone website and even use it as your official website. Optionally you can use a domain you own (like www.MySite.com) as the address or a subdomain (like tickets.MySite.com)
  2. You can add it as a ticketing section to your existing website.
  3. You can embed it in your existing website.
  4. You can link to the ticketing page from your website, Facebook, etc.
  5. You can add a ticketing tab to your Facebook page

Ticketor for Your Box-Office, Ticket-Booth and Phone Sales - Cash Sales - Discounts - Comp Tickets

Ticketor for Your Box-Office, Ticket-Booth and Phone Sales - Cash Sales - Discounts - Comp Tickets

Ticketor is not only an online ticket sales tool, but it is a full-featured box-office system that you can use at your box-office, retail locations around the town and over-the-phone sales.

The touch friendly point-of-sales page, makes selling face-to-face and over-the-phone fast and easy and you can accept the payment in forms of cash, check and credit/debit cards.

Ticketor is compatible with a range of thermal ticket printers and credit card readers. Professional box-offices can use these devices to print professional thermal tickets and accelerate the sales.

One-time or small event organizers can use regular inkjet or laser printers to print tickets at the ticket booth.

The sales agents, assuming that they have the proper permission, can give instant discount or add extra charge or event give full discount and issue complimentary tickets. Like regular users, they can also apply coupons and promo codes.

Mailing List with Tracking

Mailing List with Tracking

Visitors will sign up and opt in to your mailing list. You can send out emails and news-letter regularly or whenever you have a new event.

Track the email and see who has viewed your email or clicked on a link.

You can send to all users or just the user who purchased a certain event.

Email templates make it easy to send out newsletter with your own logo and branding.

SEO and Google Optimization

Search engine optimization

Having a website that ranks high in search engines is valuable. The first step in SEO is to have a good website that is built based on the most recent SEO rules and recommendation.

Our SEO specialists work really hard to make sure your website is using the latest SEO recommendations and have high visibility to search engines. Sitemaps, meta data, keywords, structured data, links, proper tags, ... are all considered high importance to Ticketor engineers.

Your site and events will be submitted to Google and search engines as soon as they are ready.

Refunds and Self-Service Returns & Exchanges (if Allowed by YOU)

Support Self-Service Returns & Exchanges if Allowed by You

Specify your own return policy. No returns? Great you can do that. You want to allow returns? You can set up your return policy. Set how long before the event you accept returns and how much you deduct in fees (penalty) for returns and the system handles the rest.

Administrators and sales agents with proper permission, can refund or exchange tickets at any time with full control over refunded amount.

Integrate with Google Analytics

Get detailed analytics for your website including the traffic amount, source of traffic, visitors demographic and their behavior and much more.

Great Customer Support and Instructions

Great Customer Support and Instructions

Ticketor is essentially a self-service product. It has intuitive design that you can just start using, or you can use the various walk-throughs or you can go through the step-by-step instructions or watch tutorial videos. We have made it easy so that anybody, without advanced computer knowledge, can build and manage a ticketing portal and sell tickets.

We also provide customer support through chat and email to make sure you can easily use the site. Each client is assigned a dedicated support engineer, who you can build relationship with and they will know your organization and needs so they can help you better anytime you reach out to them.


e-Tickets with Secure Barcodes & Your Logo

e-Ticket with your logo and branding and secure barcode

Buyers will have the option to print their tickets at home or just show on their phone. All e-tickets are printed with your logo and branding and are secured by barcode and QR code. E-tickets can be validated for duplicate and fraudulently generated tickets using your smartphone.

Gate-Control & e-Tickets Validation Using Your Smartphone

Bluetooth scanner and smartphone for barcode validation

Ticketor offers different methods for gate control and e-Ticket validation. One of the most popular ones is using your smartphone, optionally with a Bluetooth barcode scanner.

You can download the "Ticketor Gate" app from the App Store or Google Play and validate tickets with your smartphone or tablet. Larger events and professional event organizers and venues can optionally use a hardware Bluetooth barcode scanner for faster and professional scanning while small events may print an admission-list instead of scanning.

To learn more about different options check our blog.

Google PlayApp Store

Control All Charges (Convenience Fees, Shipping & Handling, etc.)

Control All Charges

Using Ticketor, YOU are the one who determines and collect the charges. You will decide how much the buyer pays in service charges, shipping charges and return charges. You may choose a small amount (maybe around 6%) to cover all your ticketing charges and break even, or you may choose a higher amount to make money out of your ticketing service, or you may waive all charges. It is all your call!

Pay ZERO in Ticketing Fees Make Money Out of Ticketing

Pay ZERO for Ticketing

As mentioned before, using Ticketor, you are the one who determines and collects the fees. You can set the fees so that buyer pays for all the ticketing costs and you pay ZERO for ticketing or you can set higher fees and make extra money out of ticketing while the buyer will still pay less fees compared to most competitor ticketing sites, thanks to Ticketor's most competitive rates!

Price Levels, Price Variations, Multiple Price Per Seat, Accessible Seats

Ticketor offers very rich and flexible price level structure.

It allows you to have multiple prices per seat, such as kid's price vs. adult price, you can have group prices like family price and you can have time-based prices like early-bird price.

Seats may be marked as accessible (wheelchair).

Recurring Events and Event Duplication

Recurring Events and Event Duplication

You can create recurring events that recur on a very flexible schedule. Daily events, weekly, monthly or annual events are easy to create with Ticketor.

Also if you have similar events, you can simply replicate an existing event to create a duplicate that you can edit and customize.

Private Events

Private and public events

You can have private events that are not available to general public and only are visible to the people who have the direct link to the event.

Season Tickets and Packages

Packages and Season Tickets

Bundle events to create season tickets or packages. You can optionally set discount for package buyers.

Coupons and Promotion Codes

Coupons and Promo-Codes

Ticketor offers flexible coupons and promo codes. Coupons in the forms of percentage, amount per ticket, amount per invoice or buy-one-get-one-free.

You can limit it to all or certain events, limit the number of usage, or limit to certain ticket prices or a minimum or maximum purchased tickets.

Social Network Marketing & Facebook Integration

Social Network Marketing & Facebook Integration

By adding "Facebook" feature, your website will get integrated with Facebook and leverage the power of Facebook to reach to more customers.

  • You can add a "Tickets" tab to your Facebook page where your fans can get information and start purchasing directly on your Facebook page
  • Users can login with their Facebook account for easier access to the site
  • Buyers will be encouraged to Share your events on their Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, ...
  • Facebook ADs pixel will be added for analytics purpose and to enhance your Facebook ADs performance.
  • and more to come ...

Marketing and Traceable Links

Do you have promoters who you need to track their sales? Do you want to track where your buyers are coming from? Do you want to know how much sales originated from that Facebook campaign or post?

Traceable links allows you to create links to your events with a traceable keyword. Whenever a buyer lands on your page using those links, Ticketor tracks the link and associates the purchase to that keyword so you can report where each sale originated from.

User Roles (Administrators, Sales Agents, Event Organizers, Gate Checkers, etc.)

User Roles (Administrators, Sales Agents, Event Organizers, Gate Checkers, etc.)

You can create as many administrators, reporters, sales agents, event organizers and gate controllers and assign permissions to each.

For example, you can have sales agents that are allowed to sell in cash or give discount.

Different Delivery Methods

Different Delivery Methods

Ticketor supports all types of delivery methods: Will-Call, print at home e-Tickets, digital e-Tickets (show on phone) and different mail (post) services.

It is up to you to determine what method(s) you want to offer for each event and potentially how much you want to charge for that method.

Detail Real-Time Reports

Detail Real-Time Reports

Have access to different real-time reports and get notified via email as soon as a sale happens.

Different reports include: Event statement, event audit, sales, delivery, admission, ...

Security (Https, PCI compliance)

Security (Https, PCI compliance)

All pages of your site are secured with SSL technology and are on HTTPS.

Also Ticketor is compliance with PCI (payment card industry).

So you and the buyers can use the site and purchase tickets securely.

Content Pages

Content Pages

Photo & album pages: Show gallery of your photos and your events on your website

Videos pages: Show gallery of your videos on your website

Blog & News: Build blog and news pages that you can update and manage easily.

Free-form pages: Free-form pages with a rich-text editor that you can use to build content pages.

Online Store (Sell merchandise)

Online Store

Need to sell merchandise online? You can add an online-store and sell your CDs, DVDs, t-shirts and other merchandise.