TICKETOR DEMO - Learn Everything About Ticketor, Features, Setup, End-User & Admin Experience


Required time: About 60 Minutes

TICKETOR DEMO - Learn Everything About Ticketor, Features, Setup, End-User & Admin Experience

This article and video, demonstrates everything about Ticketor including features, pricing, setup, end-user and administrator experience.

In this demo I will show you everything about Ticketor:

  • Company history
  • All the features,
  • Pricing,
  • Support
  • Sign up
  • and then we will experience the site as an end-user to buy some tickets to different types of events including

    • assigned seat, theater-style,
    • assigned seat, round-table style,
    • general admission,
    • and recurring events
  • Then we will log in as an administrator and check the administrative features such as:

    • setting up an event,
    • website builder features of Ticketor and how easy it is to build a website and manage it,
    • point of sales and selling tickets face to face or over the phone and accept cash, check or credit card or send payable invoices
    • some reports
    • Donation collection
    • Gift cards
    • Coupons and promotion codes
    • Packages and bundles
    • Season passes and memberships
    • And more

You are welcome to schedule a one-on-one demo and meeting with us if you have questions that are not answered in this video or if you need consultation about your specific use-case or need help with the set up or want us to review your site. The one-on-one meetings will be through video conferencing with screen sharing.

Please note that the information in this video is accurate as of the date of recording. Check out Ticketor.com for any potential changes and new features.

Ticketor as a Company

Ticketor Company

So, let’s start with introducing the company:

Ticketor was established back in 2006.

Something unique about Ticketor is that we build almost all the code in-house, and by our own engineers. We do not acquire code, we do not acquire other companies and integrate with them, we do not buy other software and integrate with them and we do not offshore code.

As a result, our code and software have very high quality, well maintained and it is very easy for us to add new features and enhancements.

We originally started with a very small feature-set, and added new features as customers requested them. And today, we are at a point that Ticketor is known as one of the most featureful ticketing and box-office systems out there.

It is unlikely that you need any feature and you cannot find it in Ticketor. If you do, just ask your support engineer and they will either show it to you, or they will most likely be able to build it for you in a timely manner.

We are very agile and can quickly add new features and adopt to the changes in the market. As an example, when the pandemic started in early 2020, Ticketor was the only company that released all the required social distancing features in less than 2 months to help our clients re-open their events safely and legally. Features like automated and dynamic social distancing on the seating chart, capacity cap, maximum group size, online events, outdoor events, and more.

Ticketor as a Software

Ticketor as a Software

Ticketor is a full-featured ticketing and box-office solution, with a great feature-set and unbeatable pricing.

Ticketor is suitable for many different types of events, ticketing, admission, booking, and reservation and is perfect for many industries. It is a great solution for:

  • Venues, theaters, stadiums, arenas and cinemas
  • Community theaters
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Schools, colleges, universities and K-12
  • Performing arts
  • Dance studios
  • Ballrooms
  • Classes including per session, per semester, or monthly registration
  • Holiday events, fairs, temporary shows or activities
  • Admission to amusement parks and museums
  • Non-profit events, fund-raising events, galas
  • Tours and transportation
  • Activity booking such as escape rooms, VR experience, boat rental, …

Ticketor is not a ticketing website. It is a ticketing platform.

It means that as soon as you sign up, it builds you a ticketing portal or website, with your own name, logo, branding, design, and puts you in full control of the site and your ticketing operation. You can even have the ticketing on your own domain or sub-domain such as MyBusiness.com or tickets.MyBusiness.com for a fully branded solution.

Buyers are going to buy directly from you, and not Ticketor. They will see your name on their credit card statement and you are going to receive the sales money, directly and as tickets sell.

Ticketor will not have a hold on your money and will not have access to it.

You are going to determine and set:

  • Your terms and policies including return policy and exchange policy
  • Prices and buyer charges and how much the buyers are going to pay in service charges
  • Decide if you want to return an invoice or cancel an event

And in general, you are in full control.

We are strong believers in automation and self-service features. As a result, we provide features to minimize the amount of time that you have to spend on customer support and activities that can be done in an automated manner or by the buyer in a self-service manner. For example, we provide a unique feature that allows the ticket buyer to change their seat, or change the performance date, upgrade their tickets, exchange tickets or return them if allowed and in accordance to your policies and rules, without even contacting you.

On-Boarding and Support

On-Boarding and Support

It is very easy and quick to set up Ticketor. Technically, you can sign up on Ticketor.com and go live and start selling tickets in 30 minutes or so.

Ticketor is designed to be a self-service solution. It is very intuitive and easy to use. There are plenty of documentations, walk-throughs, tutorial videos, step-by-step instructions and on-screen instructions that makes it very easy for you and your staff to learn and use the software, all by yourself.

However, it doesn’t mean that Ticketor does not provide great customer support. We assign to you dedicated, knowledgeable support engineers, who have been with Ticketor for many years and are very familiar with the system and the code, to make sure you get the most direct and to-the-point answer to your questions and that they can consult you and show you different possibilities for what you need to achieve.

Similar to our code, our customer support has high quality and not just a call center representative who is reading to you from the instructions.

Your dedicated support engineer will work with you for a long term and build a close relationship with you and know you and your challenges personally and closely.

You can contact your dedicated support engineer through chat, email or you can arrange for phone calls or Zoom meetings.

We make sure that you can fully understand and use your site, otherwise, we don't make money :)

Ticketor Features

Ticketor Features

A short-list of our features is listed on www.Ticketor.com . Let’s quickly go over some of them:

  • Quick set up in minutes:

    Ticketor sign up and set up is quick and very easy. Everything can be done by yourself and you can go live and start selling in minutes.

  • Editability

    You can edit almost anything at any time and they will take effect right away. Made a mistake? A typo? Want to change the prices, even after the event has started selling? Want to change the capacity? Issued an invoice by mistake? Need to change the event date or time? All are possible and easy to do.

  • Buy as many events, merchandise, gift card and make donations, all in one transaction:

    Using the fully integrated system, buyers can buy tickets to as many events, as well as buy merchandise or gift cards, and make donations in one single transaction.

  • Seating chart Designer:

    With Ticketor you can sell tickets to general admission events as well assigned seat events. Powerful seating chart designer tool allows you to create any seating chart including amphitheater style, round-table (dinner style), restaurant / cabaret style, night club style or any combinations all by yourself and free of any charge and allows the buyer to pick their seat on the interactive seating chart.

  • Single & Recurring Events, Packages & bundles, Season passes & Memberships :

    Simply create any single event or use the powerful scheduler to create a recurring event, recurring classes or daily admissions.

    Bundle the events into packages or create season passes or memberships.

  • Online & Streaming Events, Live or On-demand:

    Create your online event, embed your streaming code from your favorite streaming provider and Ticketor will take care of admission and monetization. Easy solution to monetize your videos.

  • Direct money deposit as you sell:

    Use your own payment processor or PayPal or simply get a new one during the setup, and you will receive the sales money directly as you sell, before the event. Buyers will see your name on their credit card statement and not a 3rd parties name.

    Ticketor will not have a hold on your money and will not have access to it.

    Are you a non-profit or charity organization? Enjoy the non-profit rates for payment processing.

  • POS (point of sale), Ticket Booth and Retail Location Sales

    Use the touch-friendly, POS (point of sales) application to sell tickets at your ticket booths or as many retail locations. Sell in cash, checks or credit / debit card or send the buyer a payable invoice. Print e-tickets or hard, thermal tickets and hand them out. Use credit card reader for faster operation.

    Run your box-office with no extra equipment or use professional thermal printers and card readers.

  • Cash or Check Payments - Cash-Registers, Clock-In and Clock Out Functionality

    Accept cash, check or credit / debit card in face-to-face transactions.

    Define as many cash-registers and sales staff. Use clock-in / clock-out functionality for accountability and to control the cash registers balance.

  • Send Invoices

    Sell tickets or merchandise and send payable invoices. The buyer will receive an invoice to pay and will receive tickets upon payment.

  • Over-the-Phone Sales

    You and your sales staff can sell tickets over the phone and accept credit card. The tickets can be set to either get emailed to the buyer, or put in the will-call booth.

  • Private and Restricted Events

    Create private events or events protected by individual passwords per user or events available to certain group only. Limit the number of tickets per user. Change the privacy and restrictions of the event at any time to make the event go public or remove the purchase limit at a later time.

    This feature is vastly used and loved by schools and dance studios.

  • Self-Service Upgrades, Exchanges & Returns

    Set your upgrade, exchange and return policy and the buyers can upgrade their tickets, change the date, seat or performance or return their tickets in accordance and if allowed by your return policy without ever contacting you. You as the administrator can always perform exchanges and returns regardless of your return policy at any time.

  • Store Credit Capability

    Give store credit to buyers or return their tickets for store credit. The system will keep the user balances and they can use their store credit for future purchases.

  • E-tickets, Print-at-Home Tickets, Physical Tickets

    We support all delivery methods.

    • o E-ticket (Show on your phone or print at home)
    • o will-call (Pick up at the venue or retail location)
    • o Mail (post services)
    • o Face-to-face delivery (for ticket booth or retail location sales)

    and you can use physical professional thermal tickets or e-tickets that are printed using a regular office printer on regular papers.

  • Easily scan tickets using your own phone or professional devices

    All e-tickets and physical tickets have barcode and QR-code. Simply use your smartphone or a professional barcode scanner to scan and admit the attendees.

    Gate control app supports 'exit for re-entry' so you don't have to stamp the attendees.

  • Design with your own logo and branding (white-label)

    Simply design and brand your site, upload your logo or background image or just select one of the pre-designed themes. Even move the site to your own domain. No technical expertise required.

    If you already have a website, you can design your Ticketor site to have the same feel and look as your main site. Then you can design a top navigation that matches the one from your main website where some items in the navigation point to your main website and some others point to your Ticketor website and the buyers can easily navigate between the 2 websites that can both be on your own domain, without noticing that they are on different platforms.

  • Stand-alone Website or Embed in your website

    Use your Ticketor website as a stand-alone ticketing portal or your official website, or embed it in your website or WordPress site.

    Ticketor is actually a website builder and content management system (CMS) as well!

  • Easy Website Builder

    If you don't have a website, or your website doesn't do much besides events, ticketing, and providing general information, consider replacing it with your Ticketor website and CMS (content management system) that you can easily manage by yourself at no additional cost.

    Add as many different page types such as event list, event calendar, event map, store, photo / video gallery, blog, contact us, and free-form content pages and easily update the pages and upload pictures and videos in a Word-like editor.

  • Social media integration

    Post and share your events on social media. Integrate them on your website. Allow Facebook login and start the sales directly from your Facebook page.

    Encourage the visitors to share your events on their social media, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

  • Accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo, …

    The buyer can pay with any major credit card or PayPal and the money goes directly into your own bank account or PayPal.

    You can also accept local payment methods, such as Venmo, iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort

    Ticketor will not have any hold on your money and we will not have access to it

  • Flexible price levels & variations

    Set as many price levels and price variations.

    We support multiple price-variations per seat. Create adult, kids, seniors, … prices.

    Or create group-based prices such as family price, couples’ price, group of 10 price

    Or create time-based prices such as early-bird or last-minute prices.

  • Ask Questions from buyers or have them fill a registration form

    You can ask questions from the buyers. Such as choice of meal, age, ... or have them fill a form or consent to some rules

  • Unlimited events and venues

    No limit on the number of events, venues and seating charts. Run as many concurrent events in as many venues around the world.

  • Unlimited Video and pictures

    Upload flyers, videos and pictures for your event, create beautiful animated banners, or create gallery pages of your pictures and videos.

  • Donations

    Collect donations for one or more causes. Add donation to the checkout flow for all or certain events so the buyers will be asked to consider making a donation during the checkout.

    The integrated donation system allows the buyer to purchase tickets and make donations, all in one transaction and has the potential to significantly increase your donation collection volume.

    Check out our blog on donations for more information.

  • Reviews

    Get good reviews for your events and service from verified customers while controlling and removing unreasonable ones.

  • Multi-Currency

    We natively support most currencies including USD, CAD, EURO, GBP, AUD, .... so you can use Ticketor all around the world and for your international tours. Each event may have a different currency.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Your website will be mobile-friendly and responsive out of the box. You can manage your events and buyers can buy on their phone. No additional app is needed.

  • Coupons & Promotion Codes

    Create as many flexible coupons and promotion codes. Offer group discounts, package discount, time-based discount or individual discounts.

  • Mailing List, Text (SMS / MMS) & Push Notification Marketing

    Use the free mailing list feature to send emails to all your mailing list members, or just to people who purchased certain event, with templates that are filled and customized with the recipient's information.

    Similarly, send marketing text (SMS / MMS) or push notifications.

  • Gift Cards

    Sell gift cards in any custom amount. Create gift cards for different occasions like Mother’s Day.

    Gift cards give you additional cash flow, increases customer loyalty and introduce your business to new patrons.

  • Store Online - Sell Merchandise

    Sell merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, DVDs, membership ... in your online store.

  • User Roles and Access Control

    Access to your Ticketor site is role-based.

    Create as many administrator users, sales agents, event organizers and gate controllers. Set each user's permission. Each user can log in with their own email and password and perform their duties.

  • Variety of Reports

    All the reports that you may need including financial reports, sales reports, admission reports and audit reports are included. All reports are live and real-time and can be exported to Excel.

    Reports have lots of filters and configurations.

  • Analytics, Ad Tracking, and ROI

    Use the analytics module to integrate with Google Analytics or Facebook pixel or use the tracking feature to measure your ads and ROI.

    Post trackable links on your social media or create trackable links for promoters and influencers.

  • No long-term contract, Cancel at any time

    No long term contracts. Simply sign up, start selling in minutes and cancel the account or change your plan at any time, right from your dashboard.

    We also offer contracted plans for clients who need a more long-term, contracted solution at better rates and VIP accommodation.

Ticketor Pricing

Ticketor Pricing

We offer the best rate in the industry. Our prices are unbeatable and easy. No quotes, no hidden fees, no games. And you can transfer all or any portion of the fees to the buyer.

Please go to Ticketor.com and from the pricing section, check out the most recent plans and pricing.

As of the date of this video we offer 2 plans.

Standard Plan

The Standard plan offers all the features you need to sell ticket including unlimited venues and events, assigned seat and general admission, unlimited price levels, unlimited coupons, e-ticket scanning and gate control and much more

The Standard plan has no monthly nor setup fee and requires no credit card to start. It makes it the best plan for low volume or one-time event organizers.

Also, it is a great option to sign up with this plan, explore the site, set it up, set up the events and venue and later upgrade it to the Premium plan. It has no monthly fee so you won’t get charged unless you actually sell tickets. You can use it as an unlimited trial plan.

Premium Plan

Premium plan offers all the features included in the Standard plan plus white-label (move the site to your own domain), website builder, online store and more social media and promoting features

Premium plan offers a significantly lower transactional rate and is a great saving for any medium or large event. It comes at a small monthly or annual fee.

Business VIP

Business VIP is our loyalty plan. It comes with 3-to-5-year contract and offers the best rate, best support, VIP accommodation, VIP perks and guaranteed no-rate-increase for the term of the contract.

Even though Ticketor has never increased its rates on the existing customers, but this plan gives you the additional guarantee.

How is Ticketor's Pricing Unbeatable:

While most ticketing systems charge a flat fee of $1.00 or $0.50 per ticket plus 2% to 5%, Ticketor's Premium plan only charges 2.5% + $0.00 per ticket which is huge saving, especially on tickets at lower prices.

Please note that $1.00 fee on a $5.0 ticket is equal to 20% and on a $10 ticket, it equals to 10%.

Pricing Considerations:

  • You can change your plan at any time from your dashboard. You can upgrade and downgrade between plans.
  • Ticketor gives you credit for the fees when you refund tickets or cancel events. Most ticketing platforms don't. Some, actually charge extra for the return transaction. This becomes a huge advantage when events get cancelled.
  • Ticketor charges based on the total amount of the invoice. It means that if you sell discounted or complimentary tickets, you pay fee based on the discounted price and not the original price.
  • Ticketor does not charge for any un-sold tickets.
  • We support all major currencies for billing purpose and so you will always get billed in that currency and don’t have to worry about the conversion rate changes.
  • If you use a payment processor that allow us to deduct our fee from each transaction, the fees will get deducted per transaction. Otherwise, you receive the full money and we will bill you at the end of the billing month. You will also be billed for any potential monthly fee.
  • Ticketor does not add any fees to your buyers.
  • You are the one who decides how much the buyer pays in charges (service fee) and you are the one collecting those fees. In other words, the fee that the buyer pays to you is not related to the fee that you pay to Ticketor. However, you can align the buyer fee to be equal to your Ticketor fee to transfer the fee to the buyer. Alternatively, you can set the fee to any amount higher to make extra revenue, or any amount lower or zero to absorb the fee.

Use the cost calculator on the pricing page to calculate your exact cost for any ticket price. You can set your buyers service fee to the calculated price to transfer the fees to the buyer and break even and receive the full ticket face price. However, you can set the fees to a higher amount to generate extra revenue or to a lower amount to absorb part or all of the fee.

As an example, if your ticket face price is $10, and the cost calculator calculates the fee to be $0.50, if you set the service charge to $0.50, the buyer will pay $10.50 per ticket and you will receive the exact net $10 per ticket.

But if you set the fees to a higher amount like $2, as most other ticketing systems do, you will receive approximately $1.50 in extra revenue per ticket.

Similarly, if you want to hide the fees from the buyers, you can set the ticket face price to $12 and the service charge to zero.

Exploring Ticketor as a Buyer - Ticketor Demo Site

Exploring Ticketor as a Buyer - Ticketor Demo Site

Ticketor demo site is located at www.Ticketor.com/demo and you can access it from the Ticketor homepage.

The goal of this site is to demonstrate Ticketor’s features and different type of pages, events and other functionality so you can experience it as an end user.

On this site you can find and buy tickets to different type of events, purchase merchandise, gift cards or make donations, all using a fake credit card provided on the site.

However, you cannot experience the administrative side on Ticketor demo.

Sign Up

To experience the administrative features and make changes to the site, I recommend you pause this video at this point and sign up for a Ticketor site. You can sign up for a Standard plan that has no monthly or setup fees and requires no credit card.

The sign up will take less than a minute and you can follow the rest of this demo while having access to the administrative features.

Exploring Ticketor Demo Site

Now we click on the Ticketor Demo link that takes us to www.Ticketor.com/demo . If you have already signed up, you should have received the link to your site which looks like www.Ticketor.com/[Your business name]

Click on that link to go to your Ticketor website, which should be similar to Ticketor demo site.


As soon as you land on a page for the first time with significant amount of functionality, a walkthrough pops up on the page that walks you through that page and teaches you everything about that functionality.

This is the fastest way to learn that functionality in a couple minutes and is highly recommended. Make sure to go through all the steps. It will save you a lot of time and effort down the road.

The main walkthrough of the site starts with an end-to-end tutorial video, and then shows you around the website.

It shows you that the address of your site is Ticketor.com/[Your business name]. This is the address you navigate to, to login and manage the site. It is also the address that you send your buyers to and link to from your website or social media.

You can optionally change this address to your own domain or subdomain.

Next step shows that you are logged in as a user with special permissions, in this case an administrator. That is why you see all the administrative features and the control panel.

If you log out, or open the Ticketor.com/[Your business name] in a different browser, where you are not logged in, you will see the site as an end-user. You notice that the admin view is very similar to the user view and all the changes you make on the admin side are immediately available on the user side.

The next step shows you the “Control Panel”. Control panel is where you go to set up, manage and report your sites and events. It consists of multiple panels.

The main panel is where you create events, venues, seasons, coupons, and perform the main functionalities.

The “Box-Office” panel contains links to the POS (point of sales) page and its configurations.

The “Account and Settings” panel is where you configure your site, change your site’s plan, add your payment processor, manage users and other site settings.

The “Reports” panel has plenty of reports for different purposes.

The “Help & Support” panel has all the help and instructions, video tutorial and contact Ticketor links.

I highly recommend that you check out the Help & Instruction page. This page has all the information you need to know about Ticketor. Spend some time on this page and scan all topics so you know what is available and can use it when needed.

As an example, if you are looking for the Gate Control instruction and where to get the scanning app, simply search for the word “Gate” and it will show you all the pages and topics that contains the word “Gate” and you can easily find the relevant topic.

At this point I am closing the walkthrough but I recommend that you continue it to the end.

You can always re-open the walkthrough from the orange tab on the right.

On-screen help is also available where ever you see the help or question mark (?) icon. Just click on the icon to get the instruction including any video on the topic as a pop up.

Page Components

Color and Design:

Obviously, each site may have a different theme, colors and design. You can design your site with the colors that match your brand and upload your own background pictures and banner.


Ticketor auto-generates a logo for you. You can upload your logo and move it around anywhere in the header area.

Chat box:

The chat box is the easiest and fastest way to get support from your dedicated support engineer. It is your direct line to them. Chat is the best tool for support as the support engineer can share with you links or screenshots.

Most of the time, you will get an answer right away. If your support engineer is not available, ask your question in details and they will get notified and you will receive the response ASAP. They will email you a copy of the response in case you are not online at the time.


The top navigation may include different types of pages. It may also include links to other sites or your main site. You can add as many pages to the nav or remove the pages that you don’t need.

The navigation may have different styles and you can move the navigation anywhere in the header area.


You can add pages of different types to your site.

The demo site demonstrates the most common pages including:

  • The “Tickets” page, which is usually the main page and homepage of your site where all your events get listed. Each event also has its own dedicated page which you can visit by clicking on the buy tickets button for that event
  • Gallery page, where you can have all your pictures and videos with their text description
  • Donation page
  • Store / Gift card page where you can sell merchandise and gift cards
  • Reviews page, where you can showcase your reviews
  • Blog or News page
  • About us page
  • Contact us page

Let’s look at some pages:

Galley Page:

The problem with most gallery pages on the web is that they are all outdated. People forget to upload new pictures or need to ask a web master to upload new pictures for them.

Ticketor’s gallery page is very different and very creative. It gets connected to your Facebook page and automatically pulls all pictures and videos from selected albums.

So, as you take pictures and upload to Facebook, the pictures immediately show up on your website.

Viewers can filter the pictures by album name.

Donation Page:

You can create as many donation pages for as many causes that you support.

You can explain your cause using text, pictures and videos.

The user may click on one of the pre-defined amounts or enter a custom amount to make donation.

As mentioned before, Ticketor is a website builder and content management system and it is very easy to edit the content or the pages.

As an example, to edit the content of the donation page, simply click the edit button which opens a rich text editor that is very similar to Microsoft Word.

Edit the text, change the formatting, change the colors, upload a picture, create links, insert tables, … and finally hit the save button and the page gets updated right away.

Store Page:

On the store page, we are selling a shirt, hat, a $50.00 gift card and membership.

The shirt comes at different sizes and colors (options) that the buyer can choose to purchase.

The $50.00 gift card is on sale for $45.00

Reviews Page:

You can ask buyer to review you on different aspects such as the show, the venue, the service, etc.

Reviews are only collected from the verified buyers and are manageable by you.

Reviews show up on Google and other search engines and give you extra credibility.

Contact Us Page

The page has a standard contact form and the contacts will get forwarded to all your administrators.

At the top of the page is a very helpful FAQ to make sure the buyers can get answers to their common questions before contacting you and have a better experience and to minimize the time you spend on customer support.

We highly recommend that you keep the contact us page there to help the buyers.

As an example, if the user is uncertain whether their purchase went through or not, they go to the contact us page to reach out to you. In the FAQ they find out that they can simply click on the “Order History” link to check if the order has gone through or not.

Tickets Page

The most important page on the site is the tickets page where all your upcoming events are listed.

This is the page that you probably want to promote, post on social media or flyers, add to your website or embed in your site.


At the top of the page, there is a nice slideshow. It is very easy to create a similar slideshow. Just click on the image icon to edit / create one. Delete the slides that you don’t need anymore, add new slides, upload the picture from your computer, give it an optional title and optional click URL, set the transition settings and transition effects and save.

The Content at the top

The content at the top can be edited using the “pencil” icon which opens the same familiar rich text editor.


The events on the page can be viewed in different formats. A gallery view, a calendar view with the ability to show multiple events per day, and a map view in case you run events in different locations or different cities.


Events can be categorized by any criteria that may apply to your events. Categories may be the type of events, their genre, or none.

We have decided to categorize this demo site’s events by the features they demonstrate.

For example, if you want to know how an event that asks for donation as part of the checkout would look, this is the event that demonstrates the “asks for donation” feature.

Or these 2 dinner events, ask questions from the buyer. They ask what type of dinner the buyer would like to order and the buyer can choose between available options for each ticket.

Similarly, you can find “Assigned seat” events, “General admission” events, “Online streaming” events, “Packages”, “Recurring events”, “Round table events”, and “Season passes”

Search and Sort:

The buyer can also search for events using their name, venue, city or artists or they can sort the events by date, distance or name

Buying tickets as an end-user:

So at this point I am going to log out and start purchasing tickets as a regular user.

Please note that you can use the same purchasing method while you are logged in as admin in order to sell tickets to your patrons and you will get additional options such as ability to receive cash. But the end user has to always make a payment using a credit card or PayPal to reserve tickets. Cash or check option is never available to regular users.

Assigned seat theater style event:

Let’s start with purchasing tickets to the kids show.

It is an assigned seat event in a 1200 seat amphi-theater.

At the top of the page, you can see the event information, the event name, date, address, link to the map and navigation.

You also see the options to add to your calendar and share with friends and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and email.

You can also see the event main picture and the event description.

Scrolling down you can see the seating chart. Different areas of the seating chart have different colors representing different prices.

And each sit can be purchased at 2 prices for kids and adults.

For example, the green seats or the Orchestra Front can be purchased at $40.00 for adults and $30.00 for children under 15.

You also notice that there is a 10% service charge for buying these tickets. This service charge is the fee that is set and collected by the event organizer and does not represent Ticketor’s fees. So even-though Ticketor’s fee is probably 2.5%, this organizer decided to charge 10% and keep the extra as additional revenue.

Let’s buy 2 tickets.

I am going to get this seat at adult price for myself, and the seat next to it at kids’ price for my kid.

At this point on can proceed to checkout or I can keep purchasing other events, merchandise, gift cards or make donations.

Let’s shop other events:

General Admission Event:

Now I also want to buy tickets to this general admission conference event.

The top of the page is very similar to the other event.

It also mentions that we can use the promo code “earlybird” to get 10% discount at checkout. Let’s keep that in mind.

Even though the event is general admission, it can still have different price levels and variations.

The 2 main ticket types are “Seminar only” and “Seminar + workshop”. Each one of this price levels have their own limited maximum capacity. “Seminar + workshop” has a limited capacity of 50 people but the seminar only has a larger capacity of 500 people.

The “Seminar Only” ticket, comes at a cheaper variation for students with a valid student id. This price variation shares the capacity with the regular “Seminar Only” tickets. It means that we can sell up to 500 tickets of any combinations of “Seminar Only” and “seminar Only for Students”.

Let’s buy 1 Seminar Only and One Seminar Only Student ticket.

Let’s shop other events:

Assigned seat round table events

Ticketor supports 2 types of round table seating charts.

In one type the tables are numbered but the seats are not and the buyer can choose their table and how many seats they need.

In the other type you can choose your exact seat at the table.

Assigned seat round table events with table numbers only

Let’s buy tickets to the Fund-Raising Dinner event.

Again, different tables have different colors representing different prices.

The yellow tables are available at $50 per seat, or $45 per seat if you buy the whole table (12 seats)

The red tables are only available as whole tables (12 seats) and you cannot buy individual seats.

Let’s buy 2 tickets at this table.

Remember that this is a dinner event and it comes with a question on the choice of the meal that we will need to answer on the checkout page.

Assigned seat round table events with table and seat numbers

Let’s check out the restaurant / cabaret event.

In this event you can select the exact seat at the table. For example, you can pick the seat that faces the stage or dance floor.

Let’s pick 2 seats.

This event also includes dinner and asks a question on the choice of dinner.

Recurring event

Recurring events are the events that recur 2 or multiple times or may recure on a regular or daily basis. They may also recur multiple times per day or every hour or 30 minutes.

Some examples of recurring events are:

  • A show that has 8 performances and runs over 3 weekends
  • A yoga class that recurs every day or multiple times per day
  • Daily admission to a water part or museum
  • A drive-trough holiday light-show with timeslots every 30 minutes
  • Admission to an activity such as a escape room that is available for 5 timeslots per day
  • An hourly jet sky or boat rental

The dance class is a recurring event that recurs regularly. Clicking on the “Select Date” button opens the calendar where we can select the date and time.

This particular class happens once per day every weekday, twice a day on Saturdays and no event on Sundays.

Let’s select a date.

It is a general admission event with $20 tickets for singles, and $15 tickets for couples, which is a good example of group ticketing.

If you choose couple tickets, it comes in increments of 2. So, you can buy 2, 4, 6, …

Since the couple’s price is a variation of the single’s price, any purchase of the singles or couples tickets are counted toward the total capacity of the class.

Let’s get 2 tickets at couple price.

Pre-Checkout Page

Now we are done with the events that we wanted to purchase. So, let’s click on the “proceed to checkout” button.

It takes out to an optional pre-checkout, or “You may also be interested in” page. On this page, the organizer can upsell and promote related or featured events, merchandise, gift cards, and donations.

The page is suggesting that we may be interested in making a donation, and purchasing a gift card as well as other events and merchandise.

Make a donation:

Let’s make a donation in a custom amount. After making the donation we land on the shopping cart page.

The shopping cart shows all the events that we are purchasing and the donation.

Click on “proceed to checkout”

It takes us again to the same pre-checkout page. This time donation is gone as we already have it in our shopping cart.

Let’s also buy a gift cart, and the shirt.

I am not interested in buying anything else, so I click on the “No thanks, proceed to checkout” button.

Sign in/ Sign up or checkout as a guest:

To make sure that the purchase goes as smooth as possible and without any friction, we only ask for the minimal amount of information needed to complete the transaction and we make sure to ask it only once.

We need the buyers name, email address and phone number.

If you are not signed in, a pop up shows up and asks you to enter this information.

The pop up is a smart dual functionality for sign-in and sign-up.

After you enter your email address, if the system recognizes you as an existing user, it converts to a “Sign In” window but if it does not recognize your email, it converts to a “sign up” window.

After entering the required information, you can decide to create an account by choosing a password or you can check out as a guest.

Creating an account gives you the option to log in at a later time and print, view, manage, exchange or return tickets (if allowed) or view your invoices.

However, even if you checkout as a guest, you can later-on claim the account by confirming your email and choosing a password.

The signup dialog box also asks for the consent to enroll the user in the event organizers mailing list and SMS marketing list.

The event organizer can use the newsletter feature to send emails, text (SMS / MMS) and push notifications to the newsletter members.

The signup dialog also requires the user to agree to your terms and privacy policy.

After you sign in or sign up or choose to check out as a guest, you are redirected to the checkout page.

Checkout Page

On the checkout page, you can see your shopping cart for final confirmation.

Then you need to select a delivery method for each of the events or merchandise in your shopping cart. You, the administrator, are the one who decides what delivery methods are available for each event and you can decide to charge for delivery as well.

The most common delivery method is e-tickets, that the buyer can print their tickets at home or show on their phone to get admitted.

Some events also offer will-call or different methods of mail (post) at certain cost.

Let’s choose e-ticket delivery for all the events.

Next, we can decide to pay using a credit or debit card or pay with PayPal.

Then we can apply our promotion code “earlybird” and get some discount.

If we have any gift cards, we can use them here. I can add as many gift cards toward the total balance and pay any remaining balance using a credit card.

Next, we need to answer the event questions. In this case we need to choose the choice of dinner for each ticket for each of the dinner events.

For the remaining balance, we need to pay with a credit card. We are going to use the fake credit card provided on the site and any billing address to complete the transaction.

Confirmation Page

The transaction is now complete, the tickets are reserved and taken out of inventory, the credit card is charged, and the money is collected in your payment processor or PayPal account and you receive an email from your payment processor or PayPal indicating receipt of the money which you can ignore and opt out of.

A copy of this confirmation page, including the tickets, is emailed to the buyer, and a copy is emailed to the site administrator and the event organizer, just for the purpose of information. You can opt out of receiving those emails from the “My Account” menu as they server no purpose other than information.

The content of this confirmation page can be edited and customized.

At the top of the confirmation page, there are buttons to print the tickets or the confirmation page. The tickets can be printed easily and directly from this page and no other app or PDF reader is needed to print or view the tickets.

There are also buttons to share the event with friends, or to join your mailing list.

Then it has the confirmation number, time of purchase, some information about the delivery and payment methods, list of tickets with the links to add them to the calendar or get direction, and an invoice that lists all the tickets, donation and merchandise.

Further down, you can see the tickets.

The Tickets

Let’s take a closer look at the tickets.

The main part of the tickets is the colored (green) part. The green color represents the color of the price level.

On the left, the ticket shows your business name and site address. Then it shows your logo. It also shows the event name, date and time, address and a line of additional information.

The ticket comes with a barcode and a QR code and a number under the barcode. You can scan either one or manually enter the numeric code under the barcode in the gate control app to validate the ticket and admit the attendee.

The gate control app makes sure that the ticket is valid, is for the current event and for the current date and time, is not refunded and is not duplicated and the app shows the proper message indicating if the ticket is valid or not.

The bottom part of the ticket is an optional addition that you can be added to tickets. You can upload any picture as e-ticket addition. It can contain anything that you may want to add to tickets.

Most organizers use it to recognize their sponsors and put their sponsors logo or ad here. It is a great selling point to attract sponsors. Some others may add the event agenda or terms.

Anyway, it is optional.

If you have not added the optional e-ticket addition, usually 3 tickets fit on a sheet of paper.

Exploring Ticketor as an Administrator - Creating an Event

Exploring Ticketor as an Administrator - Creating an Event

Creating an event on Ticketor is quick and easy. Let’s quickly create an event.

Please note that although we use the term “event” in this video, the concept can equally apply to any activity that may require ticketing, admission, booking or reservation.

I can create the event from the quick links section, or from the “Control Panel”, “Events” button.

It pops up an “Event creation wizard” that I can use to create my events basics before going to the actual event editor that offers plenty of options and customizations.

Alternatively, I can close the pop up and use the event editor.

  • Set the event title.
  • Select the event type.

    The event can be “Online” or “In-person” . Online events can be “Live” or “On-demand”. You can use on-demand events to easily monetize your videos.

    In-person events can be “assigned seated” or “General admission” or a combination of both. “Assigned seated” events allow the buyers to pick their seat on an interactive seating chart. Ticketor offers a state-of-the-art seating chart designer tool that allows you to build any seating chart including, theater style, round-table dinner style, restaurant or cabaret style, night-club style or any combination of them quickly and easily at no charge.

  • Select or create a venue. Venue is the physical or virtual place where your event happens. For seated events, the venue also contains the seating chart.
  • Select the date and time of the event. If the event is recurring, you can set the date and time to the first recurrence and later-on set the schedule.
  • Optionally upload an image or flyer for the event
  • Set the tax or vat and social distancing setting
  • Set the prices and pricing structure.

    Ticketor price levels and variations, gives you full flexibility to create all kind of pricing. If the event is assigned seated, it also lets you set multiple prices per seat such as kids price vs adult price.

    You can add as many “price levels” and each “price level” can have as many “price variations”.

    Some example of price levels and variations are:

    • General Price
    • VIP
    • Kids
    • Seniors
    • Members
    • Time-based pricing such as
      • Early-bird
      • Last-minute
    • Group based pricing such as
      • Couples ticket
      • Family ticket
      • Group of 10 or more
      • 2-day ticket
      • Weekend pass
      • Multi-session or multi-day tickets

    Price levels and variations can have their own face price as well as the fee or the service charge that the buyer pays to you as you are the one who sets and collects the service charges and you can charge as high or as low as you like.

    They can also be “Password protected” and hidden from general public.

    Note that, you can change the pricing and the capacity at any time and the changes will be effective immediately.

  • Add a payment processor or my PayPal

    Payment processor is a financial service that allows you to charge credit and debit cards and deposits the money in your bank account. Most payment processors, except for PayPal, are behind the scene and the user doesn’t know about their name or brand.

    We support most common payment processors including Stripe, Square, PayPal, Braintree, Authorize.net, …. If you don’t have one, you can simply get a Stripe or PayPal account in a couple minutes and use it right-away.

    Click on Stripe or PayPal button, sign in to your account or fill out the sign up form to get a new account, and click on the button to add that to your account.

  • Finish the event creation wizard and it will take you to advanced event configuration.

    There are lots of settings and configurations that allows you to customize the event.

    Complete the event by adding the event description, fine-tune the settings, add your flyer and video.

    You can also:

    • Set the event’s sales start and end date and time
    • Specify what delivery methods are available for the event
    • Set your return or exchange/upgrade policy so buyers can upgrade their tickets or change the date without contacting you
    • Set the event categories, type and genre
    • Set the event availability, restrictions or make it available to certain group or protect it with individual passwords
    • Add questions for the buyer to answer
    • Add related events, merchandise, gift cards or donations to the pre-checkout page to up-sell and promote them
  • And finally test the event as an event buyer by going to the “purchase ticket” page and make sure everything works as expected.

Exploring Ticketor as an Administrator - POS (Point of Sales)

POS (Point of sales) - Sell tickets in-person or over the phone

Make yourself familiar with the POS page that is available from “Control Panel > Box Office > POS”

The Point Of Sale, is a touch-friendly, very fast, single page application that allows you and your sales staff to sell tickets or reservations face-to-face or over the phone, in as many ticket booths or retail locations.

You can accept credit card, cash, check or you can send invoices. You can apply promotion code, season tickets or gift cards. Based on your permission level, you can add additional fees or give ad-hoc or direct discount. This feature allows you to easily give away complimentary or discounted tickets.

You can use the POS on any tablet, computer or mobile device.

In terms of equipment for your retail location, Ticketor POS is very flexible. You can use no equipment at all, or use regular office printers or professional thermal ticket or receipt printers and credit card readers.

The POS allows you to sell anonymously or you can look up or create registered users. If an email address is provided during the sale, the buyer receives the tickets on their phone which eliminates the need for a printer and paper tickets.

Exploring Ticketor as an Administrator - Gate Control and Ticket Scanning

Gate Control & Admission - Barcode Scanning

You can use your phone or any device with a browser and camera to scan the tickets. Make yourself familiar with the gate control app. You can use the Android or IOS app or you can use the browser app that is available from the Control Panel. You can admit buyers by scanning the barcode or the QR-code on their ticket or look them up by name, email, phone number or confirmation number.

Gate control also supports ‘Exit and Re-entry’ so you don’t need to stamp attendees.

Exploring Ticketor as an Administrator - Reports

Exploring Ticketor as an Administrator - Reports

There are plenty of reports in the “Reports” panel of the control panel. Each report is suitable for a certain purpose.

All reports are live and real-time.

Generally, there are 2 types of reports:

  1. Event specific reports show the stats and data for one or multiple selected events

    Some examples are:

    a. Event statement: that shows the summary of sales and financials of one or more selected events

    b. Event Audit: that shows the details of sales and financials of one or more selected events

    c. Admission List and Admission List Detailed: That lists all the attendees of a certain event with their name and optionally address, phone number, email and answer to the checkout questions.

  2. Global reports show the information for all your site activity across all events.

    Some examples are:

    a. Sales report: It shows one row per invoices sold on your site in a certain period of time

    b. Tickets and Products: Shows the total amount of sale for each event or merchandise in certain period of time

Let’s look at the sales report as an example.

At the top of the page, you can set the date range for the report and you can filter the report to show only certain invoices. You can filter by event, payment method, buyer name, credit card number, and many other criteria

After making changes to the filters, hit the refresh button to see the result.

You will see the result in the table below as one row per invoice (purchase).

Clicking on the column header sorts the table by that column in ascending or descending orders.

The totals are shown at the bottom of the page.

You can print this report or export it to Excel.

The report also allows you to take related actions on each row. Some available actions are “viewing the invoice” or “marking it as mailed or delivered”.

Looking at an Invoice

Exploring Ticketor as an Administrator - Looking at an Invoice

Let’s take a look at an invoice.

It shows the buyer, the sales agent, if any, the list of tickets and merchandise and the payment method.

It also allows you to re-send the confirmation and tickets if the buyer has not received it.

You can also transfer the tickets to a different user.

Also, you can change the ticket delivery methods.

You can also return or exchange the tickets.

Returning or Exchanging Tickets

Returning or Exchanging Tickets

If you have a return or exchange policy, the buyers can return or exchange their tickets in a self-service manner. Your policy may have limitation on when the tickets can be returned or exchanged and may involve a fee.

But regardless of your return or exchange policy, you as the administrator or your sales staff, can always make returns or exchanges.

To perform a return or exchange, you need to find and edit the invoice. The invoice is accessible from many different pages but you can always find and view the invoice from the sales report.

Open the invoice that you want to return or exchange.

Then tick the box next to all the tickets and merchandise that you want to return or exchange.

To Return Tickets

Click on “Return selected items”.

It opens a pop up that allow you to select if you want to return the money back to the buyer’s credit card or if you want to give them store credit that they can use for future purchases.

It also allows you to enter how much you want to refund to the buyer. You can choose the

  • Full Amount,
  • Full ticket price not including the service charge, or
  • Ticket price minus the refund fee as set by the event return policy.
  • Or you can choose any custom amount up to the full purchase amount by adjusting the amount value.

Then click on the “Return” button.

You will see the return confirmation page.

At this point the tickets are returned and voided and are added back to the inventory, the money is refunded to the buyer’s credit card or as store credit, and the buyer has received a confirmation email confirming their return. If the buyer has printed the tickets already, they are voided and cannot get scanned at the gate.

To exchange the tickets

After selecting the tickets that you want to exchange, click on the “Exchange selected items”. It adds the tickets to your “Exchange list” section of the shopping cart.

Then proceed to the ticket purchase page or the POS page and add the replacement tickets to your cart.

Then proceed to the checkout.

If the replacement tickets are more expensive than the returned tickets, you will have to pay the difference.

If the replacement tickets are cheaper than the returned tickets, you will NOT get any refunds as exchanges are designed to never return money.

As a result, it is safe to have a good exchange policy and you don’t have to worry about losing money as exchanges, never return money.

Voiding an invoice

Voiding an invoice is the exact equivalent of making a full refund or in other words, returning every ticket in the invoice and refunding the full amount of the invoice back to the buyer’s credit card.

If that is intended, you can select the “Void Invoice” option from the invoice’s actions menu and you can make a full refund in a couple clicks.

Sign up, Schedule a Meeting or Consultation Session

Sign up, Schedule a Meeting or Consultation Session

Please sign up on Ticketor.com for free and experience the site and try it out.

If you have any question, feel free to chat with your dedicated support engineer from the chat box at the bottom-right corner of your website.

If you need a more in-depth conversation, consultation, or need help with the setup, feel free to schedule a free Zoom meeting on our calendar from Ticketor.com . Your dedicated support engineer will be happy to meet you and help you out.

Hope you enjoy your experience with Ticketor and we get the pleasure to work with you for many, many years to come.