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Using Ticketor, build a full-featured ticketing site and box-office in 15 minutes and get exceptional advantages

such as:

Pay only 2.5% - No flat fee

Control how much buyers pay in fees (Service charges, delivery charges, ...)

Collect sales money directly and before the event. No waiting for settlement check.

Sell on your own domain with your own branding, logo and design (white-label)

Do not pay fees, instead make money out of ticketing

More powerful and greater features including seating charts, recurring events, e-tickets, mobile tickets, price levels, Facebook ticketing, mobile validation, ...

Integrated online, ticket booth, over-the-phone and retail locations sales

Easy to setup and manage by you or your staff

Free & great live customer support and maintenance

Tired of your ticketing system?

  • High charges? Late settlement? Limited control?
  • Build your own ticketing system in 15 minutes
  • And achieve exceptional advantages

Own ticketing site with all features that you need and love!

  • Get paid before the event and as tickets sell
  • Full control over events, tickets, charges and money
  • Best rate in the industry

More powerful and greater features than any 3rd party system:

  • Seating charts, e-tickets, mobile tickets, price levels, Facebook ticketing, mobile barcode validation, ...
  • Easy to setup and manage by you or your staff
  • Free & great live customer support and maintenance
  • Why Ticketor & How Is It Exceptionally Different?

    Ticketor is exceptionally event ticketing and box-office system
  • Start Selling in Minutes!

    Fast and easy setup

    No tech expertise required

    Easy pricing, no quotes, no hidden fees

    Start selling your tickets online in a few minutes
  • Your Domain, Your Logo, Your Brand

    Use your brand instead of 3rd parties'

    Powerful and easy designer tool

    No tech expertise required to design or build

    Sell tickets on your own website, on your own domain, with your own logo, design & branding

    Using Ticketor's Designer tool, anybody will be able to create a professional-looking website or page in a matter of minutes.

    No HTML or web design knowledge is required.

    Sell tickets using Your Domain, Your Logo, Your Brand
  • Get Paid Directly, BEFORE the Event as Tickets Sell

    Do not wait for a settlement check

    It is like a free loan for your event

    Organizing an event involves a lot of costs. Most of them need to be paid in full or partially before the event. Renting a venue and instruments, artist contracts, insurance, advertisement and more. It means that you need to have a lot of cash or an expensive investor to plan your event.

    Well, Ticketor changes the game!

    Using Ticketor, you will get access to the sales money directly and before the event.

    While other ticketing services collect the ticket sales money on your behalf and pay you AFTER the event, using Ticketor, sales money goes directly into your bank account through your PayPal or your Payment Processor. It means that you will have access to the sales money as tickets are selling and several days before your event.

    If you don't have a payment processor, don't worry. You can get one during the setup in couple minutes.

    Sell ticket and get paid Directly, BEFORE the Event
  • Pay Only 2.5% in Transaction Fees - No Flat Fees, No Hidden Fees

    We charge only 2.5%. No flat fee per ticket

    Best rate in the industry

    You can transfer the fee to the buyer

    Easy pricing, no quotes, no hidden fees

    Check our prices and compare it with competitors. Review our case studies and see how we saved our customers thousands of Dollars just on one event.

    Use the cost calculator.

    We offer the best rates in the industry by automating the process and putting you in control!
    Best event ticketing price Best event ticketing rate
  • Interactive Seating Charts

    Powerful and easy seating chart designer

    Build virtually any seating chart

    Amphitheater, arena, round-table (dinner style), night-club, restaurant, etc.

    When it comes to assigned seat events, most ticketing website miss the important ticketing features like seat selection and seating chart designer,

    Seat Selection: Using Ticketor's state-of-the-art technology, called Seating chart designer, you can build an interactive seating chart for virtually any venue, either amphitheaters, arenas, night-clubs, restaurants or round-table venues and allow users to pick their seat on the seating chart.

    Powerful seating chart designer and interactive seating charts Powerful seating chart designer and interactive seating charts Powerful seating chart designer and interactive seating charts Powerful seating chart designer and interactive seating charts
  • Unlimited Events, Venues and Seating charts

    Sell to as many events and performances

    Sell tickets to unlimited events and venues
  • Control All Buyer Charges and Fees

    Service charges and convenience fees

    Delivery charges

    While other ticketing system impose charges on buyers that the organizer has no control over and often over-charge the buyer, using Ticketor, you, the organizer, control all charges and fees that a buyer would pay including Convenience fees and delivery.

    YOU decide how much you want to charge your customers. You may choose a small amount (maybe around 5%) to cover all your ticketing and payment processing charges and break even, or you may choose a higher amount to make money out of your ticketing service, or you may waive all charges. It is all your call!

    Have you ever been over-charged for convenience fees when buying tickets? Do you know how much a 3rd party ticketing site charges your buyers?
    Control all your ticketing charges
  • Integrated Online, Box-Office and Phone Sales

    Unlimited sales agents for box-office sales

    Unlimited retail stores

    Unlimited phone agents

    Use one integrated system for all your ticketing needs. Your staff, sales agents, retail locations and over-the-phone agents can use Ticketor to sell.

    Sell tickets online, in your box-office, at your retail stores or over the phone Sell tickets online Sell tickets over the phone
  • All Delivery Methods

    Mobile e-tickets

    Print at home e-tickets

    Will-Call or pick up


    Hard / physical ticket in 6 colors  with barcode Hard / physical ticket  with barcode Mobile e-ticket  with barcode - mobile ticketing print at home ticket with barcode Gate control and e-ticket validation using a cellphone
  • Powerful Marketing Tools

    Facebook ticketing

    Mass mailer and newsletters

    Google submission

    Search engine optimized (SEO)

    Powerful marketing tools for your events and ticketing
  • Build a Complete Website

    Ticketor is more than a ticketing solution

    Online store

    Gallery (photos & videos)

    Blogs, news

    No tech expertise required to build or manage a Ticketor site

    Well Ticketor build and mange your official website or probably replace your existing one. It is a full featured website for your information, pictures, videos, blog, news and anything else you’d want to post. You won't need to pay for the maintenance and IT services anymore. Not even for hosting fees. Just build and manage the website by yourself.

    Do you have a website? Are you planning to build one? Or maybe you already have a website but are spending regularly on maintenance and update? Do you need an IT professional to make regular updates to your site?

    Use Ticketor to build your official website
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